Saturday, April 18, 2009

My new Machine!

So here it is folks! The long awaited baby lock! I know, doesn't look like much. But I can tell you after running it once, I love it more than my singer already! I'm really excited to start quilting on it.

So last night, after picking it up, I waited till my kiddos were sleeping, and decided to work on a quilt for a friend that I had all cut out and ready to go.

But as much as I tried to lay these blocks out so that they looked cute, I couldn't do it. I stared at it forever! Now, it was getting late, my contacts getting dry, so I had no choice but to go choose different material to work on. After a few trips upstairs and back down without waking the sleeping monsters, I managed to decide to work on this next photo:

Now, this I decided on because I have been wanting to make some quilts for a local hospital, and figured it would give me practice on my machine and it was going for a good cause. I don't have my 1/4" foot for the machine yet, so I was playing with that. I'm still scant I think, but it will still workout. They are just squares, not a huge deal.

So, kids are napping now, I'm off to work on it some more, planning on trying some freemotion on it tonite if I get this top done!

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