Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Ode to Mocha

Ahhh, yes. One lovely glass of white zin. Great way to start the afternoon. Of coarse it's sitting on one of my next projects- refinishing my solid wood table. But warmer weather must come so I can do it out on my porch. Yes, it was going to be a good day. But wait... did I plan for a relaxing afternoon of sewing? And is it not true that my children were given to me to ruin the entire idea of planning anything? My children look at me and think to themselves: "She has plans, she might get something accomplished! We must stop her!"

Enter: Emma. My darling sister. Who is being taught how to drive by my wonderful husband. She lovingly brings home a md. mocha from Tim Hortons for her wonderful sister. Now, unfortunately, she has no idea that she has just become the catalyst my children need to ruin my afternoon... and whole week, as we shall soon see. Now: feast your eyes upon my Tim Hortons Mocha:
Yup, that is a seat cushion to my white Victorian style couch. The mocha actually managed to hit two cushions and splatter the back, armrest and front of the couch as well. Danny never does anything half way. *Sigh* I'm not sure if its going to come out. I will spend my week trying, and imbetween tries, I will have to google how to reapholster couches. Yikes! That be a new thing! So, no visits to the sewing machine today. Oh yeah, and just to top it off one of my sweet furry creatures peed in my house. That furry creature is on its last straw!


  1. I can hear Danny say her name...EMMA EMMA EMMA...

    And more importantly, did you get to drink the wine??

  2. Oh no! Now you most definitely need wine.