Saturday, May 30, 2009

Back to the sewing table...

After a few weeks of foster children and being unable to grab any time to sew, I finally have some quilting to show you!! Yeah!!
I joined a quilt along from I mean, whats one more project to crowd my table right?? The first picture is the fabric I am going to use for the quilt along.
The second picture is of the quilt I have started for my brother Tim in the Marines. I think I managed to pick out somewhat manly fabrics. Coincidentally, I think the pattern for the quilt along is much the same as the one I'm using for Tims. Ah well.
So what have you all been up to?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

My confession

This week with all the changes, I have been brought back to the heart of my savior. I have returned again to questions that I haven't asked in a longtime. Especially the "Why God?" question. I have again had such a realization that the systems in this world, our way of doing things, our governments, our plans... are always failing. And will always fail us. And it pushed my towards my God even more, to confess that "Yes God. In the past year I have drifted from you, from trusting you to trusting institutions, other people, and even leaning on my own strength and wisdom." (Which with all the mistakes I have made in the past from relying on myself, I can never figure out how I keep making that mistake.) Even as my amazing husband has been discovering an amazing relationship with God, I have been lax in my relationship with the Most High. It is humbling me to write this, about me, my failures, and my faith. It has always been hard to speak openly about my faith. I have led campers, been an evening speaker, and taught classes on my faith and experiences, but always within a safe environment of camp or church. Never to a host of people and friends who do not know my God, or the way I feel about God. That doesn't make me a strong Christian - knowing that some of the people I hang out with the most don't know that I am a follower of the Most High God. A lot of people know my political and moral views, but not my faith.

I think last night spurred me into writing all this on my blog... I had a dream last night about a man, and it wasn't my husband. And I couldn't believe it! Never ever have I dreamed about loving someone other than my husband. And the dream wasn't awful, I was just hanging out and going places and evidently being in love with someone else. I was appauled that anything like that could enter my mind, even in my sleep. I couldn't shake the dream even when I woke up, and it is still with me now. And that dream made me realize, I have to refocus myself. I have to look again to my Lord, to guide me and to again become My Magnificent Obsession. "Magnificent Obsession" is a song by Steven Curtis Chapman, and I have been listening to it alot today. For my mind, even in sleep, to think of being in love with someone other than Nick, really scares me. It makes me think I am treading on dangerous ground. Especially since my husband has become such an amazing Christian, and is and has always been extemely loving and devoted to me, much more than I deserve. Dreaming that dream shakes me to my core...

So I leave you with this: a song that really defines where I am by Casting Crowns "Somewhere in the Middle"
So I have posted some of the lyrics to that song:

"Somewhere between the wrong and the right
Somewhere between the darkness and the light
Somewhere between who I was and who You're making me
Somewhere in the middle you'll find me.

Fearless warriors in a picket fence, wreckless abandon wrapped in common sense,
Deep water faith in the shallow end and we are caught in the middle
With eyes wide open to the differences: the God we want and the God who is,
But will we trade our dreams for His, or are we caught in the middle?

Somewhere between a whisper and a roar
Somewhere between the altar and the door
Somewhere between contented peace and always wanting more
Somewhere in the middle you'll find me."

So that's my confession today... I am a Christian, just a weak one...
Does this change the kind of person or who I am in your eyes??
I am looking forward to your comments.

Friday, May 22, 2009

My foster kids went home...

It was an interesting scenario, the judge quickly read through the paperwork before trial and basically mixed up what the mom was doing with what the 12 yr old daughter was doing. So the fact that the daughter was allowed to have a 28 yr old boyfriend spend the nite... etc, that stuff was all about the mom. (Which indeed, is none of our business who the mom dates and when he spends the nite...) anyways, incase I'm confusing you... the kids should never have been placed in foster care, and the mistake was corrected and they are back home with their mom. This is the flawed system we deal with... judges who don't prepare for cases, judges who make decisions with out reasoning, a foster system who pulls children from home, gives them no answers, traumatizes them for three days, and then sends them back home. Leaving both mother and children angry confused and scarred. The best part is last nite at the "foster parent appreciation dinner" all of cps was laughing at the mistake, that somehow I didn't seem to find amusing at all. Not to mention, all the rearranging Nick and I did of our home, our hearts, and our summer...

Boy, I hope I have better things to blog about in the coming days...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

What a week!

I haven't been doing much sewing recently. I am busy with my two children, and two other children that will be staying with me for an undetermined amount of time. It is amazing how busy things get when in a matter of 6 months you add three children to the household. Craziness.

But, I do have lots of sewing planned... I want to make a new bed spread/quilt for the girl who is staying with us, and then I want to make a quilt for my brother Tim. So hopefully very soon, I will have some wips (work in progress) to show you.

Blake's quilt will be backed and put together hopefully next week. I am not planning any sewing for this weekend due to the fact that the two children staying with us have both Friday and Monday off - it's just going to be too busy.

Thanks for following along, as I go through this crazy ride we call life...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

So I finished the top of baby Blake's quilt. I did add the other two sides of the sheep fabric border. And I appliqued a sheep in the middle. I really like this quilt. If I hadn't already said it was for Blake- I would be tempted to keep it for my little one. What do you think of the sheep in the middle? I was wishy-washy about him for a while. But I think he makes the quilt.

And then my cute son Danny - who celebrates his second birthday tomorrow, helped release a baby bunny that our cat brought inside. Here's a cute picture of that:

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Jeffrey Graduated

My brother Jeff graduated from Brockport today. I enjoyed watching the ceremony. I was so proud of him. He is two years younger than I am, and yet he teaches me alot. He is level headed, doesn't get into trouble, and when he is home- he is always helping out. He's a great brother. He was in my wedding, too. I'm excited to see what he does - if he goes for his masters, where he is going to work - where he is going to settle down. It makes me sad to think that it is unlikely that he will stay around here in NY. I hope he does. My brother Shawn is in PA, and my brother Tim is in the Marines and currently in CA. I don't want Jeff to move far, I want him to stay. So Jeff, if you are reading this - I want you to succeed, and follow your dreams, but I will miss you if those things take you far away! Thanks for being an awesome brother - lets always look out for each other, k?

Friday, May 15, 2009

A regular occurance during my days...

Posting again today, becuase it's too funny not to, and too long for facebook:

Brother (4 yrs old): "Bethy, Beth... Bethy BETH BETH!"

Me: "What?" (I'm slow to answer becuase I know his response is going to hurt my head.)

Brother: "Hi"

Me: "What?"

Brother: "Joey is pretending to be a horse, and he's not a horse."

Me: "So. Thats the idea of pretend."

Brother: "Well, ummm... he's not very good at, even pretending. You should tell him to stop."

Me: "No. Leave him alone."

Brother: "Okay, but he's gunna hurt himself."

Me: "Hello Advil..."

I really don't know anything about blogging...

So, I am really slow at figuring out this blogging stuff. I'm still not sure how to link things... or change my background to something cool like So if you can help me - leave a comment or email me at! Thanks for your help. Hey- lookee there, my email turned blue all on its own! (I know you are laughing at me! Don't laugh!) I'm in the computer idiot three step program: First: admit you are a computer idiot. Second: Admit you are just trying to stay "in" and "cool" despite the fact that you know you are turning into your mother (who knows even less about computers than you do). Three: Ask for help: to be able to navigate the computer world and to learn how to stay cool and escape the scary mother syndrome.

Ahem, anyways... I only really am making this post to get entered into a contest to win a tote! Thankyou for pointing it out isk8jewel! So... here's my shout out:

Over at, there are some wonderful amazing totes! And she is giving one away! And even if you don't win, she has a coole etsy shop where you can get one! Awesome huh?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Quilt

I have started a baby quilt for my friend Allison's newborn - Blake. I am using my alltime favorite childrens fabric - Homestead. It has cute little sheep all over it! And I seem to prefer darker colors like the drk blue back ground. I just like everything about it. Check it out:

So, you have to be a special little baby to get a quilt with my favorite fabric in it! I really like to hoard it! But it doesn't keep anyone warm sitting on a shelf!
Here is the quilt top. Its made out of 4 log cabin squares:

The picture showing the blocks is a little uneven, but they are cute blocks. So I put the four blocks together, and put the sheep all on the inside so I could use more sheep fabric as the border. I got two of the border strips on and I'm not sure if I want to put on the other two strips to make it go all the way around. I think it looks kinda cute the way it is. What do you think? Leave it, or make the border go all the way around? Now I just have to decide how I want to quilt it... something boyish. Maybe little dragonflies all over it? I love the idea that Amanda Jean thought up over at - she hid a quilted heart in the quilting of each of her boy's new quilts. We shall see...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cute Socks

Today was just another regular day... I love regular days.

We spent alot of time playing outside in the sunshine.

I did a little quilting, but not much.

Yep. Just one of those days.

The best thing I have to blog about are these cute socks.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day

I love Mothers Day. I feel like it was a day given to me to cherish, and relish, and enjoy my children. Yes, it was a good day today.
I am driven to think of inspirational moms in my life, including my very own. Who do so much, they are completely amazing and help me to want to do more.
Proverbs 31 talks about a virtuous woman who is worth more than rubies. It talks about how this woman works late and gets up early, buys and sells, makes profits, makes her husband proud... and it says her children rise up and sing her praises. Wow. What a challenge to me! Am I a good enough mom that my children will tell people what a great mom I am? It definately makes me want to put more effort in... to watch my tongue, to be more patient, to be more loving.

So... in other news...
Mondays are my day off from children. I take my two sons, and my two brothers that I watch during the week to a babysitters house. Then I do what I need to: shop, bank, clean house, visit with friends. Whatever. But from 9-5, it's my time. Tomorrow I have a meeting with a fundraising comittee for a non-profit group that I do accounting for. Then, after grabbing some weekly groceries I plan on tackling an infestation in my house: stacks. I have stacks everywhere... of mail, coupons, books, photos, papers... stuff. It really is getting rediculous. I am pretty sure when I turn the lights off in any given room that those stacks even get together and multiply... those dirty naughty stacks. And I am ready to sort and throw away and put away. It's hard to take care of stacks when the kids are around. The kids like to interrupt the progress... then all I end up with is a stack that is all spread out wherever I am doing my sorting. Then no doubt... my husband is sure to walk in and drop stuff and add to the spread out papers creating... you got it... lots of baby stacks. Unbeliveable! So it is time...

This spring is going to be a time of change in my house... what I have let go I am taking back and taking charge of again... neatness and control shall reign... I hope!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ahhh, well. Here we are. I haven't posted in a while, I know. If you are on my facebook page, you know, I am on my third computer in a month. I usually don't condemn retailers in public, but this I feel, is necessary. I will never ever buy anything from Best Buy ever again. They are unreal! Here's the story: I went to Best Buy to get the 'best buy' on a computer. After talking to one of there sales associates for a while about what I wanted this computer for, he advised me to purchase computer 'a'. I brought computer 'a' home, tried uploading my accounting program on it... no dice. Infact, my friend Linda, who is transferring the CYC accounting over to me, and is a whiz with computers, worked on it for hours, couldn't figure it out. So we took it into the Geek Squad at Best Buy. Where we soon found out, that they have no idea what they are doing! The particular geek working on my computer pulled up an error code on it. He said: That's a virus. Linda countered and said: There is no virus on this computer. The geek proceeded to go into the back of the store, hang out for a while, come back to the counter and tell us that he looked it up and it was definitely a virus. At this point we had been at Best Buy for 4 hrs. Linda decided we should take it and leave, and bring it to some computer folks in EA who knew what they were doing. So she did. And those wonderful people had it for a few days, looked up the error code, which *shocker* wasn't a virus at all, and told us: Its something with the processor and/or vista. So we took it back to Best Buy and exchanged it for a new better, more expensive computer: computer 'b'. I get the computer home, we do get the accounting system on it, but after just a little bit, my mouse starts going crazy. It would all of a sudden get 'stuck' on a spot on the page and run itself up and down the page until it got tired of doing so. It would also all of a sudden decide to jump two inches to the left or right or up or down randomly. So after days of messing with it, I phoned Best Buy. They tell me: You should buy a regular cordless mouse. (Needless to say, I was on the phone with a not so bright geek.) I responded: So my brand new computer isn't going to work the way its suppose to, so I have to buy a part that I don't want for it?! (Not-so-bright geek transfers me to complete-idiot geek) Complete-idiot geek tells me: You need to go online and do the microsoft update for your driver.
Yes, stupid me, updates... so knowing my computer had all the updates, I went online anyways and checked... and indeed... no new updates for my computer, much less for my driver. (whatever that is...)
So... back to Best Buy I go... over to the Geek Squad hang out... they took one look at what my mouse was doing and said I had a bad touch pad and needed to exchange it for a new computer. So I brought home my third computer. Set up my third computer. Made sure it worked. Then went online, and called Best Buy public relations. Unfortunately, between when I left Best Buy in Hamburg, and when I called the public relations department, I am pretty sure that complete-idiot geek put in for a transfer and was now working for public relations. Our conversation went somewhat like this:
Me: I was at Best Buy three times, and I am on computer number three because you sales people don't know what they are selling, and your geeks don't know a computer from a book.
Complete Idiot: You've owned 8 of our computers? You've read about us in books? You are an awesome customer!
Me: ?!?!?
(It went on like that for at least 10 min.)

Anyways... I just advise never purchasing from them... ever.

Friday, May 1, 2009

This is going to be a long one...

So, finally back online. Had to trade in disfunctional computer that I only had for 3wks, for new better computer. So now I can officially do some accounting with the Peachtree accounting system on my computer. Unfortunately, I don't understand all of what I'm doing... but thanks to my finance accountant mentor Linda... I should do fine. I think.

So, I finished my blue and yellow baby quilt, and it's a good thing it's leaving my house because I'm not in the least bit thrilled with it. The only thing I like is the backing fabric, which I must get more of because it is so darn cute! But the stippling looks awful, the tension was off, I quilted in a blue thread which was a huge mistake... yada yada. But I will do more, and get used to working with this machine.
Can you see the cute little polka dots on the backing? Aren't they awesome!!!

And as far as redoing my white couch... not a chance! I'm just going to save up and pay someone else. Its just too much. And I have no where to tear it apart and put it back together. So now a lovely white sheet covers my three bottom cushions, and that will have to do for now!!

My laundry room is just about put together. My husband really wants to keep the "spare bed" up, an idea which I hate since in the four years we've been married, not one person has used it. I think for as few times as someone might be inclined to spend the nite, they can handle the couch. (Which in my expert opinion is much more comfy than the bed.) But I am using and highly enjoying my giant folding table... now for some shelving... getting rid of the changing table... moving out ugly dresser... like I said... almost there.

And tonite is the glorious nite in which we are moving my Ben into his crib in Danny's room. Yeah!!! I don't think it will go well, but a few nites and he'll get used to it.

Well, thats just about it. I'm off to finish handquilting the quilt for the CYC. Some relaxing time...