Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ahhh, well. Here we are. I haven't posted in a while, I know. If you are on my facebook page, you know, I am on my third computer in a month. I usually don't condemn retailers in public, but this I feel, is necessary. I will never ever buy anything from Best Buy ever again. They are unreal! Here's the story: I went to Best Buy to get the 'best buy' on a computer. After talking to one of there sales associates for a while about what I wanted this computer for, he advised me to purchase computer 'a'. I brought computer 'a' home, tried uploading my accounting program on it... no dice. Infact, my friend Linda, who is transferring the CYC accounting over to me, and is a whiz with computers, worked on it for hours, couldn't figure it out. So we took it into the Geek Squad at Best Buy. Where we soon found out, that they have no idea what they are doing! The particular geek working on my computer pulled up an error code on it. He said: That's a virus. Linda countered and said: There is no virus on this computer. The geek proceeded to go into the back of the store, hang out for a while, come back to the counter and tell us that he looked it up and it was definitely a virus. At this point we had been at Best Buy for 4 hrs. Linda decided we should take it and leave, and bring it to some computer folks in EA who knew what they were doing. So she did. And those wonderful people had it for a few days, looked up the error code, which *shocker* wasn't a virus at all, and told us: Its something with the processor and/or vista. So we took it back to Best Buy and exchanged it for a new better, more expensive computer: computer 'b'. I get the computer home, we do get the accounting system on it, but after just a little bit, my mouse starts going crazy. It would all of a sudden get 'stuck' on a spot on the page and run itself up and down the page until it got tired of doing so. It would also all of a sudden decide to jump two inches to the left or right or up or down randomly. So after days of messing with it, I phoned Best Buy. They tell me: You should buy a regular cordless mouse. (Needless to say, I was on the phone with a not so bright geek.) I responded: So my brand new computer isn't going to work the way its suppose to, so I have to buy a part that I don't want for it?! (Not-so-bright geek transfers me to complete-idiot geek) Complete-idiot geek tells me: You need to go online and do the microsoft update for your driver.
Yes, stupid me, updates... so knowing my computer had all the updates, I went online anyways and checked... and indeed... no new updates for my computer, much less for my driver. (whatever that is...)
So... back to Best Buy I go... over to the Geek Squad hang out... they took one look at what my mouse was doing and said I had a bad touch pad and needed to exchange it for a new computer. So I brought home my third computer. Set up my third computer. Made sure it worked. Then went online, and called Best Buy public relations. Unfortunately, between when I left Best Buy in Hamburg, and when I called the public relations department, I am pretty sure that complete-idiot geek put in for a transfer and was now working for public relations. Our conversation went somewhat like this:
Me: I was at Best Buy three times, and I am on computer number three because you sales people don't know what they are selling, and your geeks don't know a computer from a book.
Complete Idiot: You've owned 8 of our computers? You've read about us in books? You are an awesome customer!
Me: ?!?!?
(It went on like that for at least 10 min.)

Anyways... I just advise never purchasing from them... ever.


  1. I am so sorry for your computer woes, but you had me laughing while I was reading this post.

  2. I agree: Best Buy= Bad. I don't shop there anymore myself unless it's for something small and basic. Like a CD. lol.