Friday, May 15, 2009

I really don't know anything about blogging...

So, I am really slow at figuring out this blogging stuff. I'm still not sure how to link things... or change my background to something cool like So if you can help me - leave a comment or email me at! Thanks for your help. Hey- lookee there, my email turned blue all on its own! (I know you are laughing at me! Don't laugh!) I'm in the computer idiot three step program: First: admit you are a computer idiot. Second: Admit you are just trying to stay "in" and "cool" despite the fact that you know you are turning into your mother (who knows even less about computers than you do). Three: Ask for help: to be able to navigate the computer world and to learn how to stay cool and escape the scary mother syndrome.

Ahem, anyways... I only really am making this post to get entered into a contest to win a tote! Thankyou for pointing it out isk8jewel! So... here's my shout out:

Over at, there are some wonderful amazing totes! And she is giving one away! And even if you don't win, she has a coole etsy shop where you can get one! Awesome huh?


  1. Beth-you crack me up. Hope to see you on Sunday.

  2. or