Saturday, May 16, 2009

Jeffrey Graduated

My brother Jeff graduated from Brockport today. I enjoyed watching the ceremony. I was so proud of him. He is two years younger than I am, and yet he teaches me alot. He is level headed, doesn't get into trouble, and when he is home- he is always helping out. He's a great brother. He was in my wedding, too. I'm excited to see what he does - if he goes for his masters, where he is going to work - where he is going to settle down. It makes me sad to think that it is unlikely that he will stay around here in NY. I hope he does. My brother Shawn is in PA, and my brother Tim is in the Marines and currently in CA. I don't want Jeff to move far, I want him to stay. So Jeff, if you are reading this - I want you to succeed, and follow your dreams, but I will miss you if those things take you far away! Thanks for being an awesome brother - lets always look out for each other, k?

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