Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day

I love Mothers Day. I feel like it was a day given to me to cherish, and relish, and enjoy my children. Yes, it was a good day today.
I am driven to think of inspirational moms in my life, including my very own. Who do so much, they are completely amazing and help me to want to do more.
Proverbs 31 talks about a virtuous woman who is worth more than rubies. It talks about how this woman works late and gets up early, buys and sells, makes profits, makes her husband proud... and it says her children rise up and sing her praises. Wow. What a challenge to me! Am I a good enough mom that my children will tell people what a great mom I am? It definately makes me want to put more effort in... to watch my tongue, to be more patient, to be more loving.

So... in other news...
Mondays are my day off from children. I take my two sons, and my two brothers that I watch during the week to a babysitters house. Then I do what I need to: shop, bank, clean house, visit with friends. Whatever. But from 9-5, it's my time. Tomorrow I have a meeting with a fundraising comittee for a non-profit group that I do accounting for. Then, after grabbing some weekly groceries I plan on tackling an infestation in my house: stacks. I have stacks everywhere... of mail, coupons, books, photos, papers... stuff. It really is getting rediculous. I am pretty sure when I turn the lights off in any given room that those stacks even get together and multiply... those dirty naughty stacks. And I am ready to sort and throw away and put away. It's hard to take care of stacks when the kids are around. The kids like to interrupt the progress... then all I end up with is a stack that is all spread out wherever I am doing my sorting. Then no doubt... my husband is sure to walk in and drop stuff and add to the spread out papers creating... you got it... lots of baby stacks. Unbeliveable! So it is time...

This spring is going to be a time of change in my house... what I have let go I am taking back and taking charge of again... neatness and control shall reign... I hope!

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