Friday, May 15, 2009

A regular occurance during my days...

Posting again today, becuase it's too funny not to, and too long for facebook:

Brother (4 yrs old): "Bethy, Beth... Bethy BETH BETH!"

Me: "What?" (I'm slow to answer becuase I know his response is going to hurt my head.)

Brother: "Hi"

Me: "What?"

Brother: "Joey is pretending to be a horse, and he's not a horse."

Me: "So. Thats the idea of pretend."

Brother: "Well, ummm... he's not very good at, even pretending. You should tell him to stop."

Me: "No. Leave him alone."

Brother: "Okay, but he's gunna hurt himself."

Me: "Hello Advil..."

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