Friday, May 1, 2009

This is going to be a long one...

So, finally back online. Had to trade in disfunctional computer that I only had for 3wks, for new better computer. So now I can officially do some accounting with the Peachtree accounting system on my computer. Unfortunately, I don't understand all of what I'm doing... but thanks to my finance accountant mentor Linda... I should do fine. I think.

So, I finished my blue and yellow baby quilt, and it's a good thing it's leaving my house because I'm not in the least bit thrilled with it. The only thing I like is the backing fabric, which I must get more of because it is so darn cute! But the stippling looks awful, the tension was off, I quilted in a blue thread which was a huge mistake... yada yada. But I will do more, and get used to working with this machine.
Can you see the cute little polka dots on the backing? Aren't they awesome!!!

And as far as redoing my white couch... not a chance! I'm just going to save up and pay someone else. Its just too much. And I have no where to tear it apart and put it back together. So now a lovely white sheet covers my three bottom cushions, and that will have to do for now!!

My laundry room is just about put together. My husband really wants to keep the "spare bed" up, an idea which I hate since in the four years we've been married, not one person has used it. I think for as few times as someone might be inclined to spend the nite, they can handle the couch. (Which in my expert opinion is much more comfy than the bed.) But I am using and highly enjoying my giant folding table... now for some shelving... getting rid of the changing table... moving out ugly dresser... like I said... almost there.

And tonite is the glorious nite in which we are moving my Ben into his crib in Danny's room. Yeah!!! I don't think it will go well, but a few nites and he'll get used to it.

Well, thats just about it. I'm off to finish handquilting the quilt for the CYC. Some relaxing time...

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