Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Package Number Two

Yeah! Package number two arrived in the mail. I got some awesome fabrics, again! yeah! I particularly love the red one.

In other news... I have been sewing like a mad woman. I got the top done to my Old red barn quilt along. But I shouldn't say it's done, because I feel like it's missing something, I haven't decided yet.

I also started a project for my cousin, that I am hopefully going to complete by this weekend.

Oh yes, and my skirt. I've worn it twice already... there will definately be more of these in the future!

And as far as packages go, I can't help but brag: I helped deliver a baby in the back of an ambulance early Tuesday morning! I am an EMT with the local fire department, and I finally got the call I had been waiting for! It really was the most exciting thing. I felt bad for the mom though, I can't imagine what it's like to deliver in the back of an ambulance. Nope... that's definately not for me. I was in the hospital and highly drugged when I delivered both my boys. And as much as I try to buy organic and natural things for my children to eat, I will admit, "natural" child birth has no appeal to me whatsoever, and my children are born under the influence of drugs. That's just how it is. We all compromise somewhere don't we? =)

And my challenge:
I broke down day before yesterday. I had a bad day at the allergy center with my son. I drove an hour to get there, and then waited in the waiting room for an hour only for the doctor to ask me if my son had any promblems recently. Seriously?! So being as I was just down the street from a favorite shopping place of mine: Lexington Co-Op; I decided some shopping would make me feel better. So into the cart went these infractions: Boylan's Rootbeer (if you haven't had it, you haven't had real root beer); fresh Ciabatta bread; fair trade breakfast blend whole bean coffee 3/4lb; a freshly baked blueberry scone, chocolate chip cookie, and cherry chocolate cookie. Everything else I bought I feel were okay groceries and needed dry goods (fruit, wipes, etc.) *Sigh* But I'm back on the straight and narrow... I swear it!

I have learned a trick to keep me from buying fabric though: I shop online - put all sorts of stuff I want into my 'cart' and then I don't check out. I tell myself when my month is over, I will wean my carts and then purchase only what I truly and really need...want...need...want...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Wonderful days of sewing...

I got my first package from my fatquarter swap in the mail! It was so exciting!!! And it came from Australia! (My husband was actually impressed, saying how cool it was that someone from Australia sent me a package!) Yup, I know. It's cool. She sent me some sweet farm print fabric, a swatch of cute kaola fabric, and a candybar that Cadbury makes, but you can only get it in Australia and New Zealand. Interesting huh?? And so sweet. Although, sorry no picture of the candybar, it was gone to my boys before I got a chance to charge the camera and snap the shot!

Yesterday, my dear brother and cousin took my boys for a few hours, so that I could spend sometime with my friend Jordan sewing! I had recently bought the Barcelona skirt pattern from Amy Butler, and having never before made a piece of clothing to wear, I decided to call Jordan, (who according to me, is the go-to professional on anything that can be sewn... or drawn... or built...) So she took me step by step through the process of making the skirt. And it turned out sooo cute! I still have some finishing touches, so you are going to have to wait a wee bit for a picture.I think I will make some more, bravely altering the pattern and switching some fabrics... I really enjoyed it! Thanks Jordan! (I think thats two lunches I owe her now...)

What else? Hmmm... Oh yes, my challenge. I recently discovered Wolfgang Puck coffee. I am an admitted coffee snob. And so when I saw at the store coffee by Wolfgang Puck, I asked myself: "What could be better than that?" Well, the answer would have been, whole bean Wolfgang Puck coffee, since all I could find was ground. But, for ground coffee this tops all! IT IS AWESOME! Now, I ran out of my W.P. coffee this morning. And the sad part is, I have different kinds of coffee to use still at the house. So, I can't just go to the store and buy more W.P. coffee, becuase I feel that would be a breech of the challenge since I am not completely out of coffee here at the house. *Sigh* So if you are out, and evidently not taking part in this challenge with me, try some Wolfgang Puck coffee and let me know what you think. The kind I purchased was his columbian.

Well, I do think that's it. I am off today to purchase some father's day gifts. (No that is not a breech of the challenge! Fathers should receive gifts on fathers day! Honestly! I didn't swear off shopping altoghether!)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

So many things

I have been quilting... alot. It's been great.
This is where I am with my Oldredbarn quilt along.
Although, my squares are very wonky, and I think I am going
To put white sashing imbetween the squares...
Here is the Spiderman throw that I made for my cousin.

She loves it.

Here is the quilt I did for a fundraiser for the CYC. I machine pieced it, and just finished hand quilting it. I love the way it turned out.

And I've been reading alot. It's also been great.

I read the book: A Bride in the Bargain. It was great. (Yes, I am a hopeless romantic.)
And my monthly challenge has started, no extra putchases. It is going well. Perfect, in fact, since my husbands boss gave me a Tim Hortons gift card for my birthday, so I can still get my coffees... for a while!

Here are a few purchases I made before my time started:
Don't you just love that alphabet fabric!?! I am going to use it to back a
quilt - I think... I also thought it would look cute as little letter blocks... spelling
out something cute like a little boy's name or something. I guess that one
is going to have to sit and 'age' before I'm going to be ready to use it! =)
And don't lie - you are ::loving:: that argyle print... I know you are!
Discovered by my dear friend Jordan, thank goodness she didn't buy the
whole boldt! I got a nice three yard cut after she was done with it. But mark my words,
I know I will be purchasing more of that print. It is too cute!
What's going on in your world??

Friday, June 5, 2009

A Night of Mess

It started with a pizzelle maker that I bought a few weeks ago. It was a Cuisinart. My inlaws couldn't believe it! I apparently purchased the wrong kind of pizzelle maker. So they generously offered to get me the right kind of pizzelle maker. And it arrived in the mail a few days ago.

Yes! I some cookie orders due Saturday - excelent excuse to use the new press.

Unfortunately after several tries, this is what I had:

(Pictured is my Cuisinart pizzelle maker, that I plugged in after I got that pile of broken, sticking, burning pizzelles...)

Unfortunately as I soon found out... it wasn't the pizzelle maker, becuase my Cuisinart press (which I have successfully used several times) gave me the same results.

It was evidently a loose nut infront the maker!

After messing with several ideas, I finally added some more flour to the batter...

Batta-Bing! Success!

At the early hour of 10:30 pm!
So now I just have to clean out the new press... and try again another day...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

AWESOME COUPON if you can get it...

So you go to oldnavyweekly.com
You click on the moving palmleaves behind the mannequin in the
red flag shirt.
A parrot starts flying accross the screen.
You click on the parrots head.
You get $75 off a $100 purchase.
You must refresh the screen for more chances.
I can't get the stupid parrot.
Good luck!
Let me know if you get it!


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Prize...

So I made a half encouraging challenge for myself, which I half-heartily opened to all... now I will try and make it a real challenge, with a prize. So here it is:

The "No Extras for a Month" Challenge!

1. You must start between now and June 15th.
2. To enter you must comment on this post by the 15th of June. Leave your name, email address, blog (if you have one), and when you are starting your challenge.
3. The idea is this: no buying anything you don't need for one whole month. No extra coffees out, (trust me, this will be the most painful to me.) no 'but it was too great of a sale to pass it up', no 'but I could use it for something useful...' none of that stuff. No sewing supplies or fabric (The second most painful...) No extras. Period.
4. If you crumble... you buy something that you realize you didn't need... you still will be entered to win! Because we are a forgiving blog!! And we are only human... but if you can't sleep at night because your conscience won't let you - maybe you should gift away whatever you purchased...
5. All entries will be thrown into a hat and winner will be drawn and announced on July 18th.
6. Take some time to realize the differences between wants and needs... and you will see how much you spend on things you really don't need.

The prize is...
A $25 Old Navy gift card!!! Yeah!!!
So get entered! And keep us posted on how you do!

(And if someone knows how to make a button or tag or something for this giveaway, and can explain in lay-mans terms how to do that... I would love to make one for you all to put on your blogs...)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Ramen Noodles and other random thoughts

They sell for $0.15 a pack. They pack enough salt to take care of your sodium intake for a month. And yet... I really do enjoy ramen noodles. My sons are sick today. And I knew I had a few stand by packs of old faithful. So I made Danny his first bowl of the not-even-close-to-holding-any-form-of-nutrition-soup. And he loved it. I cut his noodles up into little pieces, and figure - when he gets older, and I'm not so afraid of him choking, I will let him slurp up those rediculously long noodles - and he'll love it.

So today, on what is suppose to be day off, I am home with my sons, and being thankful for Ramen Noodles.

Also, I have discovered that I can make Starbucks shaken ice tea right in my own home. Thanks to the purchase of some Tupperware cups with sealing lids. They are awesome. Now, Julie, I ordered them from someone else before I knew you sold Tupperware. Anyways, they are wonderful, and if you want to buy some you should contact isk8jewel.blogspot.com

So I am also thankful for Tupperware cups.

Now to my new challenge for myself: I have decided I spend too much money, or more like: that I spend money that would better be put into savings. It's not alot. My husband works, I stay at home, we really don't have that flexible of a budget. But I am challenging myself to not purchase anything for myself, and nothing that my children and husband don't need for one month. We are going to start this on June 13th. (Why June thirteenth? Because my birthday is the 12th, and I know Nick is going to get me something, and I also know I am going to have to get a few more articles of clothing before then.) But starting June 13th, I will purchase nothing for myself: no sewing supplies, no extra coffees while I am out, no clothes, no quilting magazines, nothing. Nada. Zero items. I am also going to track my spending by keeping a notebook with me and writing down each and every purchase. (You are thinking: don't you do that in your checkbook? The answer is no. I usually write like this: Walmart, lunch, coffee, gas 125.00) I know... lazy. And shocking for someone who is an accountant for a non profit group. Ehhh... what can I say?

But my guess is, by July 12th, I am not going to feel deprived or that I missed out on anything. And perhaps I will try my challenge again for a longer period of time. So... I will be keeping you updated on my challenge in the coming weeks.

Does anyone care to join me on this adventure??