Friday, June 5, 2009

A Night of Mess

It started with a pizzelle maker that I bought a few weeks ago. It was a Cuisinart. My inlaws couldn't believe it! I apparently purchased the wrong kind of pizzelle maker. So they generously offered to get me the right kind of pizzelle maker. And it arrived in the mail a few days ago.

Yes! I some cookie orders due Saturday - excelent excuse to use the new press.

Unfortunately after several tries, this is what I had:

(Pictured is my Cuisinart pizzelle maker, that I plugged in after I got that pile of broken, sticking, burning pizzelles...)

Unfortunately as I soon found out... it wasn't the pizzelle maker, becuase my Cuisinart press (which I have successfully used several times) gave me the same results.

It was evidently a loose nut infront the maker!

After messing with several ideas, I finally added some more flour to the batter...

Batta-Bing! Success!

At the early hour of 10:30 pm!
So now I just have to clean out the new press... and try again another day...

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