Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Prize...

So I made a half encouraging challenge for myself, which I half-heartily opened to all... now I will try and make it a real challenge, with a prize. So here it is:

The "No Extras for a Month" Challenge!

1. You must start between now and June 15th.
2. To enter you must comment on this post by the 15th of June. Leave your name, email address, blog (if you have one), and when you are starting your challenge.
3. The idea is this: no buying anything you don't need for one whole month. No extra coffees out, (trust me, this will be the most painful to me.) no 'but it was too great of a sale to pass it up', no 'but I could use it for something useful...' none of that stuff. No sewing supplies or fabric (The second most painful...) No extras. Period.
4. If you crumble... you buy something that you realize you didn't need... you still will be entered to win! Because we are a forgiving blog!! And we are only human... but if you can't sleep at night because your conscience won't let you - maybe you should gift away whatever you purchased...
5. All entries will be thrown into a hat and winner will be drawn and announced on July 18th.
6. Take some time to realize the differences between wants and needs... and you will see how much you spend on things you really don't need.

The prize is...
A $25 Old Navy gift card!!! Yeah!!!
So get entered! And keep us posted on how you do!

(And if someone knows how to make a button or tag or something for this giveaway, and can explain in lay-mans terms how to do that... I would love to make one for you all to put on your blogs...)

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