Monday, June 1, 2009

Ramen Noodles and other random thoughts

They sell for $0.15 a pack. They pack enough salt to take care of your sodium intake for a month. And yet... I really do enjoy ramen noodles. My sons are sick today. And I knew I had a few stand by packs of old faithful. So I made Danny his first bowl of the not-even-close-to-holding-any-form-of-nutrition-soup. And he loved it. I cut his noodles up into little pieces, and figure - when he gets older, and I'm not so afraid of him choking, I will let him slurp up those rediculously long noodles - and he'll love it.

So today, on what is suppose to be day off, I am home with my sons, and being thankful for Ramen Noodles.

Also, I have discovered that I can make Starbucks shaken ice tea right in my own home. Thanks to the purchase of some Tupperware cups with sealing lids. They are awesome. Now, Julie, I ordered them from someone else before I knew you sold Tupperware. Anyways, they are wonderful, and if you want to buy some you should contact

So I am also thankful for Tupperware cups.

Now to my new challenge for myself: I have decided I spend too much money, or more like: that I spend money that would better be put into savings. It's not alot. My husband works, I stay at home, we really don't have that flexible of a budget. But I am challenging myself to not purchase anything for myself, and nothing that my children and husband don't need for one month. We are going to start this on June 13th. (Why June thirteenth? Because my birthday is the 12th, and I know Nick is going to get me something, and I also know I am going to have to get a few more articles of clothing before then.) But starting June 13th, I will purchase nothing for myself: no sewing supplies, no extra coffees while I am out, no clothes, no quilting magazines, nothing. Nada. Zero items. I am also going to track my spending by keeping a notebook with me and writing down each and every purchase. (You are thinking: don't you do that in your checkbook? The answer is no. I usually write like this: Walmart, lunch, coffee, gas 125.00) I know... lazy. And shocking for someone who is an accountant for a non profit group. Ehhh... what can I say?

But my guess is, by July 12th, I am not going to feel deprived or that I missed out on anything. And perhaps I will try my challenge again for a longer period of time. So... I will be keeping you updated on my challenge in the coming weeks.

Does anyone care to join me on this adventure??


  1. Ok - you have peeked my interest. I am possibly on fact it is something that I have been thinking about as well...but truth be told, its hard. It is very hard.

    And if I start now - do I get special "time off" for my birthday??

  2. Sure you can have time off for your birthday. And I'm thinking about doing a give-away for everyone who participates. I just have to figure out what the prize is... so talk it up on your blogs... I will list the prize I come up with in my next post.