Sunday, June 14, 2009

So many things

I have been quilting... alot. It's been great.
This is where I am with my Oldredbarn quilt along.
Although, my squares are very wonky, and I think I am going
To put white sashing imbetween the squares...
Here is the Spiderman throw that I made for my cousin.

She loves it.

Here is the quilt I did for a fundraiser for the CYC. I machine pieced it, and just finished hand quilting it. I love the way it turned out.

And I've been reading alot. It's also been great.

I read the book: A Bride in the Bargain. It was great. (Yes, I am a hopeless romantic.)
And my monthly challenge has started, no extra putchases. It is going well. Perfect, in fact, since my husbands boss gave me a Tim Hortons gift card for my birthday, so I can still get my coffees... for a while!

Here are a few purchases I made before my time started:
Don't you just love that alphabet fabric!?! I am going to use it to back a
quilt - I think... I also thought it would look cute as little letter blocks... spelling
out something cute like a little boy's name or something. I guess that one
is going to have to sit and 'age' before I'm going to be ready to use it! =)
And don't lie - you are ::loving:: that argyle print... I know you are!
Discovered by my dear friend Jordan, thank goodness she didn't buy the
whole boldt! I got a nice three yard cut after she was done with it. But mark my words,
I know I will be purchasing more of that print. It is too cute!
What's going on in your world??

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