Friday, June 19, 2009

Wonderful days of sewing...

I got my first package from my fatquarter swap in the mail! It was so exciting!!! And it came from Australia! (My husband was actually impressed, saying how cool it was that someone from Australia sent me a package!) Yup, I know. It's cool. She sent me some sweet farm print fabric, a swatch of cute kaola fabric, and a candybar that Cadbury makes, but you can only get it in Australia and New Zealand. Interesting huh?? And so sweet. Although, sorry no picture of the candybar, it was gone to my boys before I got a chance to charge the camera and snap the shot!

Yesterday, my dear brother and cousin took my boys for a few hours, so that I could spend sometime with my friend Jordan sewing! I had recently bought the Barcelona skirt pattern from Amy Butler, and having never before made a piece of clothing to wear, I decided to call Jordan, (who according to me, is the go-to professional on anything that can be sewn... or drawn... or built...) So she took me step by step through the process of making the skirt. And it turned out sooo cute! I still have some finishing touches, so you are going to have to wait a wee bit for a picture.I think I will make some more, bravely altering the pattern and switching some fabrics... I really enjoyed it! Thanks Jordan! (I think thats two lunches I owe her now...)

What else? Hmmm... Oh yes, my challenge. I recently discovered Wolfgang Puck coffee. I am an admitted coffee snob. And so when I saw at the store coffee by Wolfgang Puck, I asked myself: "What could be better than that?" Well, the answer would have been, whole bean Wolfgang Puck coffee, since all I could find was ground. But, for ground coffee this tops all! IT IS AWESOME! Now, I ran out of my W.P. coffee this morning. And the sad part is, I have different kinds of coffee to use still at the house. So, I can't just go to the store and buy more W.P. coffee, becuase I feel that would be a breech of the challenge since I am not completely out of coffee here at the house. *Sigh* So if you are out, and evidently not taking part in this challenge with me, try some Wolfgang Puck coffee and let me know what you think. The kind I purchased was his columbian.

Well, I do think that's it. I am off today to purchase some father's day gifts. (No that is not a breech of the challenge! Fathers should receive gifts on fathers day! Honestly! I didn't swear off shopping altoghether!)

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