Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Finish!

So these pictures are clearly of the quilt un-finished... but I did finish it! And I will have pictures (not great ones, 'cause I snapped them real quick after I gave my friend the quilt at her shower!) I made the quilt kinda double sided. These little sqaures are for the back.

And here is the front... a little embroidery of some little animals...

I really like the deer. And the little birdie on the tree. I got the ideas for this quilt from a crib bumper I saw somewhere... So not completely my idea, but lovely none the less!
Anyways... I have also started a sailboat quilt for my son, pictures of that coming soon. And hopefully a mini renovation of my "sewing room." Yeah!
Hope all is well in your sewing worlds!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


I've recently been trying to be more content. A song I like says: "Somewhere between contended peace and always wanting more... somewhere in the middle, you'll find me." (Casting Crowns.) I feel that contentment often goes hand in hand with gratefullness. The other night, when I had my cinnamonbun and coffee, it hit me like a ton of bricks. That if I can enjoy something sooo good, late in the eveing, after a day with my kids, and having had 3 other meals, then I am truly blessed. And I should be content. And at that moment I was. It seems though, that for me, contentment comes and goes. Paul said: "For I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content." (Philippians 4:11) Now, if only that statement was followed by a 10 step, in-depth program... Okay, just kidding. But, what is the way to constant contentment? Is it putting forth more effort into be grateful? Is it a combination of things? I feel like I'm getting closer, but then again, I'm still in the middle. And another line of the song I referenced above says: "Just how close can I get Lord, to my surrender, without losing all control??" Perhaps part of the answer lies in that... ultimate surrender to find ultimate contentment... that I know how to do, it's just the doing it that is scary.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Good Feeling

I made a finish today! Yeah! I have so many little projects "open" at this point that to finish one feels good. My 2 year old was so helpful... helping mommy sew the binding on by holding my arm, helping spread the quilt out nice and smooth...

Oh yeah... coffee break... and a home made cinnamon bun. I actually made two pans of them. One was for a meeting tomorrow that was apparently cancelled. Hmmm... whatever shall I do with that second panfull?

Anyhow... back to work... He shook all the wrinkles out for mommy...

And after all that hard work, immediately laid claim to the quilt. The darling cherry covered, pink quilt, so cute, sooo pink... and my son wants it! Ha! I have purchased sail boat fabric for a quilt for him, he is not getting this one. Although I am unsure what to do with this quilt.

It's a little wonky, one side being a little longer than the other, and a few mistakes on the backing, so I can't sell it. But still I love it. I want to keep it. But it's too small for any bed, it's just a lap size. It would make a new mom happy and a new baby sooo cute if I donated it... but greed is taking over... Hmmm... I'm undecided. Perhaps we will just let it hang around for a little bit.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Easily Distacted

I'm easily distacted. I quick get on the computer for a recipe and I am soon looking at cooking blogs... I start cutting pieces to a quilt and stop so I can move onto something that has caught my eye... I start cleaning and run into an old photo album... Or, I start anything at all constructive, and a child needs me (does that count as a distraction?)...

Anyways... Back to that cutting one...

I was cutting fabric the other evening. Bound and determined I would get all the pieces cut so I could finish this one quilt top. I was just cutting some leftover scraps from another quilt that I couldn't bear to throw away. I was planning on putting together a simple baby quilt. It was a little after ten p.m. when I looked at the clock and thought: "I better stop before I do something stupid." (Two things: One, don't tell my son I said stupid, he will remind me all day 'not to say that whord!' And two, in my mind, a 'stupid thing' would be to cut the fabric wrong and ruin what little scraps I had left.) Well, guess what, I continued to cut, and low and behold, I did a stupid thing. Who knew that there could be something worse than ruining a little piece of cute fabric!?(That in fact, no one sells anymore, and you really can't find more of... So in my defense, it would be reallllyyyy bad to ruin that last piece.) But oh yes... I did something far worse... I ran that rotary cutter right up the tip/side of my finger. (Warning... this may get a little descriptive for some people. If you are squeemish... skip down a paragraph or two...) I didn't feel pain at all, at first, but because I had felt that blade touch my finger, I knew I was cut. I announced to my husband in the adjoining room: "I have cut my finger!" And his response: "How bad?" Now of coarse, I have to look at it... "Pretty bad" I said as the blood ran down to my wrist... (Gross, right?) So after much pressure, and ice, and elevation, the bleeding slowed. Due to lack of anything to sew together (thats right, I cut a piece right off!) we opted not to go to the ER. I had my husband check on the fabric... he found no blood. (Yeah!) He did however find the missing piece of my finger! So finally, we applied some ointment and wrapped it one last time and went to bed.
Who knew?!
Who knew?!
That guaze would stick to that gash?!
Who knew?!
So, in the morning, after cutting off everything I could from around my wound, I contemplated what to do with the gauze in the wound. Would it really be a problem to let the wound heal around guaze? Would it just biodegrate eventually? After seeking advice from someone who might know... but really isn't quilified to advise, I put as much ointment on it as I could, wrapped it, and waited for it to moisten - and then I would try and take it off... (Gross right?!) So after a few hours, I opened up the bandage and had a look... Nope, not ready to just pull that gauze off... Off of someone else's hand, sure! I'd whip that baby right off! Just not off of my hand. No sireee! After a little more contemplation, this wounded solidier realized... gauze is woven! So I proceeded to pull it out of the would strand by strand, sliver style. (Gross right?!) And after the last piece was out, and whatever healing had gone on was reversed, and it was bleeding freely again... (Gross, right?!) I laid my hand and head on the table and got my pulse back down to normal...

Want pictures? I was just going to post some, but I decided to ask first! (Really, I'm an Emt, I kinda like this stuff...)

On a good note... even injured I can still type decently, and I'm already roto-cutting again.