Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Good Feeling

I made a finish today! Yeah! I have so many little projects "open" at this point that to finish one feels good. My 2 year old was so helpful... helping mommy sew the binding on by holding my arm, helping spread the quilt out nice and smooth...

Oh yeah... coffee break... and a home made cinnamon bun. I actually made two pans of them. One was for a meeting tomorrow that was apparently cancelled. Hmmm... whatever shall I do with that second panfull?

Anyhow... back to work... He shook all the wrinkles out for mommy...

And after all that hard work, immediately laid claim to the quilt. The darling cherry covered, pink quilt, so cute, sooo pink... and my son wants it! Ha! I have purchased sail boat fabric for a quilt for him, he is not getting this one. Although I am unsure what to do with this quilt.

It's a little wonky, one side being a little longer than the other, and a few mistakes on the backing, so I can't sell it. But still I love it. I want to keep it. But it's too small for any bed, it's just a lap size. It would make a new mom happy and a new baby sooo cute if I donated it... but greed is taking over... Hmmm... I'm undecided. Perhaps we will just let it hang around for a little bit.

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