Friday, April 30, 2010

Perfect love casteth out all fear...

So I have recently confessed to a friend that I have an unreasonable fear.

A fear of the dark.


Now doesn't that feel better? Confession.

I don't really know when or how this fear started, I always remember it being a part of me. And I am trying to keep it from growing, getting worse. Often I have found myself saying, "Perfect love casteth out all fear... Perfect love casteth out all fear..." And I took a look back at that verse and the surrounding verses in my good ol' King James version. The whole verse is: "There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out all fear: cause fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love." And the surrounding verses continually point to the fact that God is love.

So here's my point. That perhaps, if I continually draw closer to God and His love. And allow Him to love me, my fears will get in check. Perhaps I will be able to conquer them, with the love of God.

So here's to experiencing the love of God. Stronger. Better. More of Him, and less of me.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Working Through... a mixed post

Here's more of the quilt I'm working on for my friend. I made my windmills a little too big and had to cut them to size once sewn. But look how nice and even everything looks once trimmed (photo above)! Compare the left one to the right one! So nice and square looking... I may be onto something here...
It is however, alot of work trimming up all those squares! But soooo worth it, I think they are going to look a lot better in the quilt now, than if I had just tried to make them work at the size they were.
That's it for the sewing world for right now.
However, have I ever confessed my love for antique furniture? There are certain things I like... shhh... don't tell my mom, I swore I wouldn't be an antique lover like my parents! Anyways, I have a soft spot for dry sinks... This first picture is actually a dry sink that my father made. And I love it.
This second picture though, was a $5 find at an antique auction! 5 bucks! You can't go wrong. It's actually not an antique though. Someone built it with mixed woods, and left it unpainted. Well, when no one bid on it, I snatched it right up! Some paint and a few pieces of new hardware later... and (I feel) she's a beauty!

You can't really see, but I painted her to match the walls in my sewing room. I have more antiques in my house, maybe that will be another post later on.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Quote of the Day

And the quote of the day is brought to you by DannyBear:
Upon Daddy requesting something yummy be brought home from the store, Danny adds:

"Yeah! Some poptarts, and ummm, food, and hot sauce! Meebee some Chinese!"

Okay, Danny! You got it!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Sew much sewing!

I'll start with some waffle weave wash cloths that I made for my aunt-in-law who turns 50 soon. I am dying to make some more for my house...
Do you like these blocks? They are for a quilt that I am working on for wonderful lady I know that has cancer. I hope to finish the whole quilt very soon and get it to her. I think so far that this is the best fabric/color combination that I have put together yet.

Ahhh yes, and I found a chocolate cake recipe on that I just had to try, and let me tell ya, it's good cake... feast your eyes on that baby...

And these little yo-yo button brooches I made from a collection of antique buttons that my great aunt gave to me. In the collection are also some buffalo nickle buttons. I will post pictures of them soon.

The top left one is mine, and I made the bottom right one is for my Aunt-in-law who turns 50 soon.
Sew thats it folks. What have you been up to this week??

Saturday, April 17, 2010

New sewing room!!

Hi all! So many things keeping me busy...
This nice door has been on my sewing room wall for a while.
I love it. We salvaged it from a house, threw a coat of paint on it, and stuck pictures in the panes.
And to get the pictures to there, we used photo corners, so we can just pull these pictures out and stick new ones in whenever we want. (I know, its awesome!) My idea? Yup, but my husband did most of the work!

Today, I had an awesome day. I went to my friend's house to pick up the red kitchen aid mixer I purchased from her. (Soooo excited to use that!) Then I went home to complete a re-doing of my sewing room. My husband built me a table out of this counter top... check out the holes in the back for my cords to go down...

And we went shopping to get me some kind of gigantic cabinet to put all of my sewing items in. (Sorry, totally forgot to take before pictures, but you would have been horrified, so it's okay.) We didn't find what I was looking for. Well, correction, I did, but it was already sold. =(
So some of my sewing stuff is in the china cabinet pictured below. We temporarily moved it into my sewing room till I find exactly what I want. (Watch out garage sales, I am coming for you...)

So that's what is happening here. I am very excited about how much more functional my room is... and it's only going to get better!


Friday, April 16, 2010

New Purchases.

I had a day off the other day. Kids were at the babysitters. I was enjoying shopping for a friend's birthday, and getting some groceries. Then, look what I found at Wegmans! A cute little gardening tool set. I didn't have one, and this set with the wide wooden handles looked great. And guess how much it cost?? 5 bucks! Hello good buy! I will take 4! Just kidding. I only got one. But I might go back for another set so my son can have his own. (Note the little hands as I'm trying to take the picture... already reaching to get some tools out of the box!) Then, on my way home, I had to stop at the Quilt Barn in Boston, NY. I needed some fabrics to match the flowered one on the far left. I ordered that one from while it was on sale. The fabric on the far right is much darker in the picture than it actually is. But I think they will turn out cut together in the quilt. Which I am making soon.
And so, I leave you with a picture of my son's cute little feet. I went to make a snack in the kitchen for us the other night and came back into the living room to find him fast asleep. With little toes sticking out. Cuuuuuute!
Oh, and BTW - we are doing a mini-makeover on my sewing room this weekend... look for a post on that next! I am soooo excited!!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Busy Day!

Its been a busy day at my house. I had a lot I wanted to get accomplished, and I did. There is going to be a fundraiser for FARA at my firehall soon, and these lovely Italian Mustache's for that. Aren't they scrumptious looking? Think chocolate, butter, cinnamon and walnuts. Yummy!
Feast your eyes on them...

Then, my seeds came in the mail! Yeah! And so taking the advice of some other gardeners, I didn't purchase little pots to plant my seeds in, I used what I had. Egg cartons first. And when I ran out of those (I didn't have many, 'cause I kept throwing them away and forgetting I wanted to save them!) So then we took to making our own little pots out of newspaper.
Like my little helper? And his eye gear? Protecting his forehead!

My wonderful husband brought up nice rich soil from down back on our property for me to plant them in.

I will keep you updated on how these are growing. Right now they are down in my basement under my fluorescent light that my husband rigged up for me. (Isn't he a dear??!!)
Now I just have to mark out my garden and get my hubby to till it up.
Are you growing anything this year??

Monday, April 12, 2010

Just some thoughts...

I finished reading a book today. The third and last book in a series. It was awesome!! I'm considering sending the set to my brother in Afganistan. I think he might like it. It's got guy stuff... gladiators, temple prostitutes... you know, guy stuff. It's got a wee bit of love in it too. Anyways the set is called The Mark of the Lion series and are titled as follows: A Voice in the Wind, An Echo in Darkness, As Sure as the Dawn. Written by Francine Rivers. I'm just saying, read the first one and you'll want the rest. Definately read them in order. It sends your emotions from one roller coaster dip to the next. It's sweeet!

So that was my first thought...

My second thought is:

I don't like combining parts of my life. I like my CYC stuff to stay with the CYC, and my kids to stay at my home life, and my firehall to stay there... you know, I don't like mixing. I realized this on Saturday when somehow CYC collided with the firehall and then on Sunday when my kids collided with the CYC. It was wierd, juggling these different worlds at once. I am not ready to wear 2 hats at the same time. I definately have to switch. They don't look good on at the same time.

And my third thought:

I need to sew. I haven't sewn since returning from TN! But I need a sewing cabinet to put all my stuff in. I can't work through the chaos anymore. So off to search for one...

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Our Easter was awesome. We started on Saturday with a Messianic Passover dinner. And the Hubby's parents brought baskets for the boys then. (Thankfully no candy! Go in-laws!) Those pictures are above. That was awesome. Then of coarse, Easter morning with some more Easter baskets. Ben of coarse, didn't bother looking anywhere, and guessed right when he figured mom would have her basket on the table
This is our biggest guy, who enjoys cuddling in blankets in the morning still... =)

Found it! Near the tv! (Like how that lock on the cabinet we keep our movies in is working?! Wonder why movies still go missing!)

Hope your Easter was awesome... and this week, I will share a few vacation photos...


Thursday, April 1, 2010

And look what happened...

So I was up in the city today, going shopping with a friend. We of coarse, headed to Spot coffee to nab a great coffee before shopping. Innocently enough there was, in the little display case, a red velvet cupcake. A sitdown was required, and we behaved, we split the cupcake.


There was this guy. Grrr! Guys! Who looked a little familiar, but since I was quite a ways from home, I wasn't sure. He could have been anybody. But he wasn't anybody... he was somebody. A good buddy, growing up pal, went through high school, friend of my husband's. (And I happen to be fond of him.) So once we got through that little awkward "Are you who I think you are?" part, we had a little chat. Anyways... he says I have to update my blog more. Keep it current. *Sigh* Okay, I can do this. Then of coarse, he points me to his fiance's blog... which of coarse, is
AH-MAY-ZING!! Check it out: Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

So this is me saying I will update the blog more. Promise. Things to look for coming up on my blog:

1. My first ever Messianic Passover Celebration
2. My garden (I ordered seeds today!)
3. My regular random stuff!

Here's to posting at least twice a week!