Thursday, April 1, 2010

And look what happened...

So I was up in the city today, going shopping with a friend. We of coarse, headed to Spot coffee to nab a great coffee before shopping. Innocently enough there was, in the little display case, a red velvet cupcake. A sitdown was required, and we behaved, we split the cupcake.


There was this guy. Grrr! Guys! Who looked a little familiar, but since I was quite a ways from home, I wasn't sure. He could have been anybody. But he wasn't anybody... he was somebody. A good buddy, growing up pal, went through high school, friend of my husband's. (And I happen to be fond of him.) So once we got through that little awkward "Are you who I think you are?" part, we had a little chat. Anyways... he says I have to update my blog more. Keep it current. *Sigh* Okay, I can do this. Then of coarse, he points me to his fiance's blog... which of coarse, is
AH-MAY-ZING!! Check it out: Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

So this is me saying I will update the blog more. Promise. Things to look for coming up on my blog:

1. My first ever Messianic Passover Celebration
2. My garden (I ordered seeds today!)
3. My regular random stuff!

Here's to posting at least twice a week!


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