Monday, April 12, 2010

Just some thoughts...

I finished reading a book today. The third and last book in a series. It was awesome!! I'm considering sending the set to my brother in Afganistan. I think he might like it. It's got guy stuff... gladiators, temple prostitutes... you know, guy stuff. It's got a wee bit of love in it too. Anyways the set is called The Mark of the Lion series and are titled as follows: A Voice in the Wind, An Echo in Darkness, As Sure as the Dawn. Written by Francine Rivers. I'm just saying, read the first one and you'll want the rest. Definately read them in order. It sends your emotions from one roller coaster dip to the next. It's sweeet!

So that was my first thought...

My second thought is:

I don't like combining parts of my life. I like my CYC stuff to stay with the CYC, and my kids to stay at my home life, and my firehall to stay there... you know, I don't like mixing. I realized this on Saturday when somehow CYC collided with the firehall and then on Sunday when my kids collided with the CYC. It was wierd, juggling these different worlds at once. I am not ready to wear 2 hats at the same time. I definately have to switch. They don't look good on at the same time.

And my third thought:

I need to sew. I haven't sewn since returning from TN! But I need a sewing cabinet to put all my stuff in. I can't work through the chaos anymore. So off to search for one...

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