Friday, April 16, 2010

New Purchases.

I had a day off the other day. Kids were at the babysitters. I was enjoying shopping for a friend's birthday, and getting some groceries. Then, look what I found at Wegmans! A cute little gardening tool set. I didn't have one, and this set with the wide wooden handles looked great. And guess how much it cost?? 5 bucks! Hello good buy! I will take 4! Just kidding. I only got one. But I might go back for another set so my son can have his own. (Note the little hands as I'm trying to take the picture... already reaching to get some tools out of the box!) Then, on my way home, I had to stop at the Quilt Barn in Boston, NY. I needed some fabrics to match the flowered one on the far left. I ordered that one from while it was on sale. The fabric on the far right is much darker in the picture than it actually is. But I think they will turn out cut together in the quilt. Which I am making soon.
And so, I leave you with a picture of my son's cute little feet. I went to make a snack in the kitchen for us the other night and came back into the living room to find him fast asleep. With little toes sticking out. Cuuuuuute!
Oh, and BTW - we are doing a mini-makeover on my sewing room this weekend... look for a post on that next! I am soooo excited!!!!

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