Saturday, April 17, 2010

New sewing room!!

Hi all! So many things keeping me busy...
This nice door has been on my sewing room wall for a while.
I love it. We salvaged it from a house, threw a coat of paint on it, and stuck pictures in the panes.
And to get the pictures to there, we used photo corners, so we can just pull these pictures out and stick new ones in whenever we want. (I know, its awesome!) My idea? Yup, but my husband did most of the work!

Today, I had an awesome day. I went to my friend's house to pick up the red kitchen aid mixer I purchased from her. (Soooo excited to use that!) Then I went home to complete a re-doing of my sewing room. My husband built me a table out of this counter top... check out the holes in the back for my cords to go down...

And we went shopping to get me some kind of gigantic cabinet to put all of my sewing items in. (Sorry, totally forgot to take before pictures, but you would have been horrified, so it's okay.) We didn't find what I was looking for. Well, correction, I did, but it was already sold. =(
So some of my sewing stuff is in the china cabinet pictured below. We temporarily moved it into my sewing room till I find exactly what I want. (Watch out garage sales, I am coming for you...)

So that's what is happening here. I am very excited about how much more functional my room is... and it's only going to get better!


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  1. love it!! so happy you have space for your gorgeous creations!