Thursday, April 29, 2010

Working Through... a mixed post

Here's more of the quilt I'm working on for my friend. I made my windmills a little too big and had to cut them to size once sewn. But look how nice and even everything looks once trimmed (photo above)! Compare the left one to the right one! So nice and square looking... I may be onto something here...
It is however, alot of work trimming up all those squares! But soooo worth it, I think they are going to look a lot better in the quilt now, than if I had just tried to make them work at the size they were.
That's it for the sewing world for right now.
However, have I ever confessed my love for antique furniture? There are certain things I like... shhh... don't tell my mom, I swore I wouldn't be an antique lover like my parents! Anyways, I have a soft spot for dry sinks... This first picture is actually a dry sink that my father made. And I love it.
This second picture though, was a $5 find at an antique auction! 5 bucks! You can't go wrong. It's actually not an antique though. Someone built it with mixed woods, and left it unpainted. Well, when no one bid on it, I snatched it right up! Some paint and a few pieces of new hardware later... and (I feel) she's a beauty!

You can't really see, but I painted her to match the walls in my sewing room. I have more antiques in my house, maybe that will be another post later on.

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