Friday, May 14, 2010

Grandma Kate's Basil Lemon Water

Do you like something refreshing to drink in the summer? Something more than just plain water??
(Side note: in just trying to type the word plain, I first typed: Palin, and then I typed Pain. Funny right?!)
Sometimes plain water is good. Sometimes it's just boring. So...
Here's something yummy you can do for your water.
And your water will thank you.

You need: A lemon, and a nice sized sprig of basil. You'll want to wash both of them. Then, rub the basil imbetween your hands for a few seconds, give it a couple of squeezes. It should have a nice "just got smushed by a power wheels" look to it. (Thats what my almost 3 year old offered to do... run it over with his power wheels. He insisted it would work...)
Right. But you don't want it in tons of pieces, cause you don't really want to drink chunks of basil. Leaf it intact. (Get it?)

Anyways, cut your lemon in half, and then half of it cut into quarters.

Now go get a pretty bowl or pitcher. I didn't have a pitcher, so I used my perdy bowl. Except you can't see the perdiness from this angle, but it is perdy.

So fill it up with water. Then Drop in your lemon quarters and basil... give her a stir.

I let her sit for a few hours before drinking, let those flavors really work thier way through the water.

And then pour over ice and enjoy!

It's great to use this for summer gatherings - you're friends will be impressed!


  1. Thanks for sharing the lemon water recipe.


  2. this sounds so amazing. i am not a fan of plain water but have to drink it, being this could make things way more pleasant.

  3. "just got smushed by a power wheels" LOL awesome description

  4. that sounds so good! i have been totally into cucumber lemon water lately, i fill a pitcher with water, lemon and cucumber slices and its so refreshing!

  5. Sounds interesting, I think I might give it a try. Thanks for sharing

  6. Oooh... the cucumber lemon sounds good too!