Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Completed Table Runners!!!

I'm so glad to have finished some items!
Hows this little number for the 4th of July?!
Isn't she patriotic?!
Oh - by the way- my brother is back from Afganistan!
We haven't seen him yet, but he's safe in the States again!
I quilted this one with stars on 1/3 of it, then waves.
So it'd make a great wall hanging too!

I kinda like it, but it's a little short for my extended table! It measures 55x20"
Interested in it?
It's going to go on my etsy shop.

This next table runner I quilted with feathers. I am just learning feathers, so they aren't perfect, but I feel that such imperfections prove that it was made by a human, and not a machine!

She's perfect for my table. So if she doesn't sell on my etsy shop, that'll be okay.
She looks awful nice.

Have you all completed any projects recently??

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Much to show you

I was at my mother in laws the other day. And she pulls out this big cardboard box. She tells me it's full of fabric from Grandma Nat. I gleefully tear into the box. Here are just some of the treasures I found within:

These first two pictures are on a cut of fabric I figure is about 1.5 yds. I have noooo idea what to do with it! Any suggestions??

Dots! Love it! Of coarse my favorite, the red with white dots is the smallest piece!
Sorry about the blurry picture. My normal camera is MIA! But aren't these ginghams cute?! They are really bright. I'm thinking picnic blanket!

This is my newest project. I'm thinking... Etsy shop??? Yikes!

My question is: Is it good enough? (Clearly not as is, I have to finish it...) But I mean the quilting? The piecing?
Would you be willing to pay, say $35 or $40 for said table runner???

I really like this end of the table runner. It's my favorite part.
I have more projects to show you in another post. That's it for tonight,
But let me know what you think, k? Etsy shop? Need to get better first? I'm okay with honesty. Honestly. I am. =)

Monday, June 14, 2010

I want

I have a few "wants."
Or shall we call them desires?
A few thing I would like to acquire.
Here's what I'm looking at folks.
That way, you can share in my eye-oodling longing...
I am a fan of this little number.
I may have to purchase it soon.
But lookie down here:
This one has little yellow stones on the side of it too! And it comes with a band.
Now, in justifying this "desire," I need to get an "everyday ring," so that I can put my original ring away. The ring I where now was my husband's great grandmothers. And I have had to have it repaired. Twice. It is far to fragile for this clumsy girl. And I feel that one of the above photos would work just fine.
Pictures of rings from FantasyJewelryBox.com

I want my own house.
My own ranch-style house with a finished basement.
And laundry on the main floor. A whole laundry room. Not just laundry closet.
It doesn't have to be brick like this one. But I want one without a stupid gate accross the driveway that has to be shut and locked every night. One that is mine. So I can leave the toys in the yard if I want to. And I can paint the trim whatever color I desire. And knock out a wall if I so choose. I just want a house of my own. Picture compliments of Yahoo Photos.

And I neeeeeed one of these really soon:
Hello Pottery Barn. Would you sell me the floor model for say... $350?

Oh, it's only available online and in catalog? Okay, how about the model in the picture. That would be fine too! I have to have something to put all my sewing supplies in. And I want that something to be fantastically beautiful. Like the armoire pictured above. How about a coupon for this awesome advertisement? No? Bummer.
So those are some of my wants.
What's on your list?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Been gone so long!

Dear readers,

I have been busy.
And I have a lot to show you.
None of it quilting.
I'm venturing out.

This is my most recent project. Finished for all of... lets see... 2 hrs, as of the time I write this post. Now, I will give credit where credit is due. The shape of this skirt, I used Amy Butler's Barcelona Skirts pattern. The first time I used her pattern, I did everything as said in the pattern, with a friend of mine who is an amazing seamstress. She even helped me put a zipper in! However, that was a year ago. But this time I was wanting to make a skirt with some awesome sale fabric I got at Joanns, and do it quick. So I fudged my way through.
First thing I did was eliminate the lining. No need for lining. It's summer time kiddos!
Then, I eliminated the zipper. Two reasons: A. I didn't have one. And B. I was scared to do it on my own. (No fault of the Amy Butler pattern! She has drawings and excellent directions. I'm just a scaredycat!)

So the above picture is the whole finished product! And it fits me great! I love skirts! They make me feel so girly! And perdy!

Anyways, the important part: How I got away without a zipper! Shocking... the way they did it before zippers existed: buttons! I searched my cute little antique button collection my great aunt gave me and found these neat green ones! (Pic below.) Cute aren't they!? Then, it's hard to see, but I added an extra little flap of fabric on the one side of the inside of the split; so that if the seams didn't close perfect you wouldn't get a glimpse of any skin! (I know, I'm crazy genius!) Okay, does that make sense?

So that's my "makes me giddy" skirt story. Now...

Onto my sister's prom.
Oh, to be young again.
Long story short: My sister got an amazing deal on a wedding dress and I told her we could totally make it into a prom dress! (Make a note of the fact that the most complicated clothing sewing I have done is shown above!) But we did it!!
This is the back of the dress. It is a halter style, so that green v at the top is part of the front...

Okay, so what I did:

I cut off most of the train. And bustled some of it. At the bustle points I put little green rosettes I had made. I personally, didn't like the flowers, I would have taken them off, but my sis loved them. (B.t.w My sis picked out the green fabric.)

So onto the front. More green around the neck. Another green rosette near the waist where there is a split. Green down the split and round the bottom hem.

She was gorgeous!

And I made her comb. Never did that before either.
Didn't turn out like I had it planned in my head, but awesome nonetheless.

Anyways, that's why I haven't been posting. Prom was Friday. Now I'm back in the saddle. Working on more stuff!
Hopefully by Tuesday I will post a picture of the dress on my sister!
Now off to catch up on my blog reading!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Been outside...

We have been staying super busy here in our small town. My little two year old turned three.
Where did those years go?
My little pumpkin! 3?!?

As you can see in the above picture, Grandma and Grandpa got him a fire hose attachement for the lawn hose. He L.O.V.E.S. it! (Thankfully little brother can use it too, so it's all fair!) See the rainbow right behind Ben?? Cool, huh?
And I have a new look to my back yard. My husband took it upon himself to run electric over to our old silo base in the yard, wire in a light, build a flag pole, and put a flag up. Awesome huh? He actually built the pole from some scrap - welded it, put the attachements on himself, made the rope pulley... crazy! Anyways he did an awesome job. Then, if you look to the left of our sheds- you can see a new picket fence.
It actually isn't new "new". My uncle made it for the garden that Nick and I were married in. Now, it borders one side of my garden.

And here you can see my garden. At least the start of my garden. Nick ran fencing around the other three sides that don't have the picket fence. I have little leaves poking up through the soil more and more every day. So excited to see how much I'll be able to get out of this garden!

That's all for now!