Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Completed Table Runners!!!

I'm so glad to have finished some items!
Hows this little number for the 4th of July?!
Isn't she patriotic?!
Oh - by the way- my brother is back from Afganistan!
We haven't seen him yet, but he's safe in the States again!
I quilted this one with stars on 1/3 of it, then waves.
So it'd make a great wall hanging too!

I kinda like it, but it's a little short for my extended table! It measures 55x20"
Interested in it?
It's going to go on my etsy shop.

This next table runner I quilted with feathers. I am just learning feathers, so they aren't perfect, but I feel that such imperfections prove that it was made by a human, and not a machine!

She's perfect for my table. So if she doesn't sell on my etsy shop, that'll be okay.
She looks awful nice.

Have you all completed any projects recently??

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