Monday, June 14, 2010

I want

I have a few "wants."
Or shall we call them desires?
A few thing I would like to acquire.
Here's what I'm looking at folks.
That way, you can share in my eye-oodling longing...
I am a fan of this little number.
I may have to purchase it soon.
But lookie down here:
This one has little yellow stones on the side of it too! And it comes with a band.
Now, in justifying this "desire," I need to get an "everyday ring," so that I can put my original ring away. The ring I where now was my husband's great grandmothers. And I have had to have it repaired. Twice. It is far to fragile for this clumsy girl. And I feel that one of the above photos would work just fine.
Pictures of rings from

I want my own house.
My own ranch-style house with a finished basement.
And laundry on the main floor. A whole laundry room. Not just laundry closet.
It doesn't have to be brick like this one. But I want one without a stupid gate accross the driveway that has to be shut and locked every night. One that is mine. So I can leave the toys in the yard if I want to. And I can paint the trim whatever color I desire. And knock out a wall if I so choose. I just want a house of my own. Picture compliments of Yahoo Photos.

And I neeeeeed one of these really soon:
Hello Pottery Barn. Would you sell me the floor model for say... $350?

Oh, it's only available online and in catalog? Okay, how about the model in the picture. That would be fine too! I have to have something to put all my sewing supplies in. And I want that something to be fantastically beautiful. Like the armoire pictured above. How about a coupon for this awesome advertisement? No? Bummer.
So those are some of my wants.
What's on your list?

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