Thursday, June 24, 2010

Much to show you

I was at my mother in laws the other day. And she pulls out this big cardboard box. She tells me it's full of fabric from Grandma Nat. I gleefully tear into the box. Here are just some of the treasures I found within:

These first two pictures are on a cut of fabric I figure is about 1.5 yds. I have noooo idea what to do with it! Any suggestions??

Dots! Love it! Of coarse my favorite, the red with white dots is the smallest piece!
Sorry about the blurry picture. My normal camera is MIA! But aren't these ginghams cute?! They are really bright. I'm thinking picnic blanket!

This is my newest project. I'm thinking... Etsy shop??? Yikes!

My question is: Is it good enough? (Clearly not as is, I have to finish it...) But I mean the quilting? The piecing?
Would you be willing to pay, say $35 or $40 for said table runner???

I really like this end of the table runner. It's my favorite part.
I have more projects to show you in another post. That's it for tonight,
But let me know what you think, k? Etsy shop? Need to get better first? I'm okay with honesty. Honestly. I am. =)

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