Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I spent 2 weeks at a children's camp.
With my three kids.
Without my husband.
Nursing a bajillion other people's kid's injuries.
And tummy aches.
And bug bites.

Then I was home for less than 24 hrs,
got my hair done,
deposited my children at various loving people's homes,
and went to a wedding.
With my husband.

And there was a tornado.
Right. At. The. Reception.
So there was no....
c'mon now, you know this...
Electric! Right!

But the reception was nice anyways.
Albeit candle-lit, completely.
And I had to pee in the dark.
Cause the lights in the bathroom weren't on.

And we came home.
On the way home we saw:
Little calf houses strewn accross the highway.
Pieces of roof hanging from trees.
Like bad decorations.
And a bajillion trees uprooted, broken off, and other wise destroyed.
That's right.

And now,
I'm in a funk.
A Rut.
Got my cranky pants on.
And forgot to change them.
Don't want to clean.
Don't want to sew.
Don't want to bother uploading pictures to this post.
That picture one - that's mainly because I didn't take any pictures at camp.
Not a single one.
Or at the wedding.
You can however, look up a video for yourselves on youtube.
Of the tornado.
I am relatively sure that there is only one of the actual tornado.
And it was taken from the parking lot of where we were for the reception.
Try searching: Tornado in Mayville, NY, or Tornado on Chataqua Lake.

That's all I got folks.
There's more to these stories, but for another day.
And photos. Of no cookies.
Don't even get me started on that.

and my coffee grinder is still at camp.
so i have had no coffee.
since the 22nd.

*Rant over.*

Now send me good types of tea you drink.
Or whatever you do to get out of a rut.

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  1. Constant Comment by Bigelow... awesome tea!! To get out of a rut, ummm, chocolate ice cream. Or Coke in a glass w/ saled peanuts... I know its a southern thing but I still love it!!

    Hope you are feeling better!