Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Catch Up

Did I tell you my brother Tim got back from Afganistan?? Yuppers. Safe and sound. A couple weeks ago actually. And my whole family was home. And we did some pictures. Here's my whole family! Now, I would just like to take a moment to point out a few things in the picture. Like: the giant gap imbetween Jeff (tall, purple/blue shirt) and Shawn (beard, maroon dress shirt.) Now... can you see me? My little head to the left? Right there imbetween Emma (furthest left) and Tim (Marine, white t-shirt.) What the heck guys? I hope you had enough elbow room! Anyways. Danny is to the far right. Then seated are my mom and dad and my two adopted brothers J and A.
So, that's my immediate family members. Wouldn't be a picture of our family if everyone was looking at the camera and smiling. That's just too much to ask of 10 people.
Anyways... I was putting some fabrics away and these kinda popped out - and wanted to be made into something. Hmmm? Any ideas. Help!
I know I'm suppose to be working on my sister's quilt, but this is calling me...
And we went camping this last weekend. To Hamlin Beach State Park. We had such a great time!
And on our drive up there I made a camera case for our video camera. Which I got out several times, but never used. Crack me up! But hello: hand sewn camera case!? Not too shabby.

That's it for now.
Got the binding on my blue and yellow quilt for a friend, so hopefully that will be finished up by Saturday.
Then for real- working on Emma's quilt like I've got a deadline.
Oh, that's right, I do.


  1. What a great looking family you have :)

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