Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Emma's Quilt - Completed!!!

So here's what I finally decided to quilt Emma's quilt with. See, the quilt is more brown on top than green, and the back is mostly green.
So against everything that I've been told, I used a green bottom thread and a brown top thread.
And I like the way they are varigated. Alot.
So, here's the quilt, all put together, quilted, and bound.
And then the back -
Now, before you say anything I can explain...
You see, it started with that Echino fabric.
And I got the green grass fabric (directly above and below the echino) to go with the glasses fabric. (The colors match better in "real life.")
But I cut the grass fabric wrong.

So I had to add the stuff on the sides.
But my sister loves it.
So that's all that matters.
And it'll keep her warm while she's on the otherside of NY.
We'll miss ya girl!!

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