Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Well folks it's Tuesday.

What better day than Tuesday for a giveaway??

Lookee here at all these leftovers after I cut out the blocks for Emma's quilt:

Whatever shall I do with all of that?

Well I used some of the greens to start this:

A baby quilt for some friends of mine! (Oh, yeah, I did say I was going to work on Emma's quilt exclusively, didn't I?!) Well, let me explain. We are still waiting for some fabrics that we ordered online. SO I couldn't start sewing 'til they got here and got cut. I did cut everything that had though:

And I probably should have worked on Tim's quilt:

Or my quilt for a friend with cancer:

In my defense on the yellow and blue one, I ran out of white thread to quilt with. Crazy, right?! Who runs out of white cotton thread?


Right here.

Oh yeah.

On top of things.
So anyways, back to that giveaway thingy.
So I have that extra fabric. And I'm sure I could dig up more from my stash.
So you want it?
Here's the rules:
2 ways to enter: 1. Leave a comment. Tell me how you would never make a quilt out of such a mismatched bunch of browns and greens. Or tell me anything. Whatever. Just comment.
2.Blog/Facebook/Give.a.shout.out about this giveaway.
That's it folks.
Max 2 entries per person.
Winner to be pulled on Monday.
When I'm back from camping.
Please make me happy and more than 2 people enter this!


  1. A mismatched bunch of browns and greens? Why not? I'm just finishing up a lap quilt made from scraps that I just knew would end as hideous, but...I love it! All the odd colors actually work well together.

  2. Fellow serial UFO-er here... and I'm a brand new quilter, so I have not yet technically even finished a quilt! Getting close though, trying to scrounge up new scraps to finish my scrappy string project. :)