Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry After-Christmas!

Did you get everything you wanted for Christmas??
My husband got me a Kindle.
I was on Amazon the next day, and there was an ad
that started with: "Are you one of the people who opened
up a brand new Kindle for Christmas?" And I actually
talked the computer screen: "Yeah! I did!" Those words
may have been followed by a giggle or two.
Anyways, the best was having all 7 of my siblings home
for the celebration of Christmas. Loved that.
Here at my house, my hubby and I worked our butts off
trying to make some home-made Christmas gifts.
Combined effort we made each of the kiddos a chalkboard:
Inspired by this DIYer Blogger.
This barn was my husbands doing. I asked for a 3-sided open bay thingy
that my 2 year old could put his animals into.
This is what my husband did:

He's amazing. Oh - I primed it. =)
And I have no idea why there are loaders and
rollers parked in the stalls.
And the silo roof is on a hinge so the kids can drop stuff in it,
(still looking for fake corn or something.)
And there is an access hole on the inside right of the barn to
get whatever they drop inside back out.

And remember those hexagons that I was making this summer?
Well, they turned into tree ornaments.
My dad asked if I was going to make a quilt out of them. Seriously?!
(See the "faLa" in the white ornament? I'd buy yardage of that falalala fabric!)
I also did up a quick snuggle fleece blanket for my foster son,
and a flannel blanket for my 3 year old.
It was a good Christmas.
Any home-made gifts at your house?

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