Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Plug

So, I am the secretary for a non-profit youth organization.

It's called the CYC.

And they do incredible stuff.

Like renovate a house for a dying soldier and his family.

And help out a set of conjoined twins get housing and equipment they need

to have a better life.

And help build the elderly lady down the street a handi-capped ramp she can't afford.

This is what we do.

And more.

Want to know more?

This week, we have -$75 in our account.

So, abnormal to me, I'm putting a plug in for them.

To all of you my 15 readers.

You can check out our website:

You can donate right there through paypal if you like what you see?

Money tight?

Me too.

Do you have something you could donate to a Chinese Auction to help us raise funds?

Do you make anything? Know someone who makes things?

All donations are tax-deductible.

How about a gift card, partially used, unused, that you got for Christmas?

We could probably use that.

'Cause we want to do more good.

And we need your help.

Know someone who might donate something too?

Forward this.

Tell about it.

Email me:

That's the end of my plug.

Thanks for reading this.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


My husband and I got to go on an all-day date the other day.
Not a normal thing.
To cut down on babysitting cost, my mom watched the kiddos
in the morning, and then we had a sitter watch them in the
afternoon. Complicated? A little, but worth the savings.
We planned out our date a few days before.
Mapped out a route of some neat places that sell things
that have been salvaged from
houses. We were ready to go.
The first place we went was great.
Got an awesome hanging lamp for $15,
and a large mirror for the same price.
(Pictures coming soon.)
On our way to the next place we stopped at my
favorite place to shop in Buffalo: Lexington Co-Op.
Stocked up on some frozen burritos.
(Look, I'm pregnant. Don't judge!)
And some vitamins.
(To supplement the burritos.)
I crack myself up.
The last place we went to in Buffalo was not heated.
At all. Freezing freakin' cold!
And they had like 700 doors.
They also had tons of old trim and mouldings.
Which my husband bought and is building something:
I know you're skeptical. But wait.
It'll look awesome when it's done.
He can make miracles.
I'm not just saying these things to convince myself.

And to stall our date ending after an afternoon snack at
Louis' Texas Hots,

We stopped at a local antique store and picked up this beauty:

It's going to go under that thingy in the other picture.

Nothing completed yet,

But we're getting there.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

You know whats funny?
Watching your kids get themselves ready to go outside!
It's hysterical!

You know whats not funny?

Having a crazy messy house.

But, 3 of the 4 recessed lights are in the kitchen.

And the whole living room has been spackled and primed.

And the bathroom has its first coat of paint.

And we are doing good.

I leave you with a fun fact of the day:

Did you know???

My husband owns his own firetruck.

For real.

45' long, with an 85' ladder on top.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Tore my living room apart.
Doing a re-do.
and preparing a:
Hopefully soon.
As soon as living room
is back together.
Thanks for your patience.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A quilt and a table runner

I had this quilt done a while ago.
Just getting ready to throw it on my etsy shop.
I'd say this second (flash-less) picture is more true to
the actual colors.
They are Whimsy fabrics from Moda.
Love'd that line of fabric!

And then for fun, I appliqued some hexagons
in different sizes on the back.

I just recently sold one of my table runners
that I had in my Etsy shop. So,
I figured I make another one to
put in my shop.
I love these browns.
(Sorry about the blurry picture, just noticed it now.)
The center block is also a star,
but you have to look close to see it.
So the table runner is waiting to be quilted,
but I've been stalled with this darn head-cold.
I am a head-cold wimp folks.
I can do anything with a chest cold, but a head-cold
knocks me flat out.
Don't even ask about the organizing challange. =)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Vintage fabrics for Garland?

Some pictures of vintage fabrics, possibly going to make some garland with them.

What ya think?