Sunday, January 23, 2011


My husband and I got to go on an all-day date the other day.
Not a normal thing.
To cut down on babysitting cost, my mom watched the kiddos
in the morning, and then we had a sitter watch them in the
afternoon. Complicated? A little, but worth the savings.
We planned out our date a few days before.
Mapped out a route of some neat places that sell things
that have been salvaged from
houses. We were ready to go.
The first place we went was great.
Got an awesome hanging lamp for $15,
and a large mirror for the same price.
(Pictures coming soon.)
On our way to the next place we stopped at my
favorite place to shop in Buffalo: Lexington Co-Op.
Stocked up on some frozen burritos.
(Look, I'm pregnant. Don't judge!)
And some vitamins.
(To supplement the burritos.)
I crack myself up.
The last place we went to in Buffalo was not heated.
At all. Freezing freakin' cold!
And they had like 700 doors.
They also had tons of old trim and mouldings.
Which my husband bought and is building something:
I know you're skeptical. But wait.
It'll look awesome when it's done.
He can make miracles.
I'm not just saying these things to convince myself.

And to stall our date ending after an afternoon snack at
Louis' Texas Hots,

We stopped at a local antique store and picked up this beauty:

It's going to go under that thingy in the other picture.

Nothing completed yet,

But we're getting there.

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