Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Mantle

Hey, guess what?!
Our mantle is done!

And Nick wired that little gas heater for tiny light bulbs. It actually has room for 3 more bulbs, and we are planning on getting bulbs that flicker, but right now, you get the idea. We are still working on doing something more for inside the mantle.

We are looking for a mirror or painting to hang on the wall above the mantle. For now, the mantle itself will probably just hold my Willow Tree statue collection.

The top color on the wall was called: Peach Preserves. At the store it definately looked more peachy/orange than it does now. Now I'd call it peachy/rose. (Which is ok, 'cause I had wanted a pink living room from the start...)

We are still working on antiquing-down (get it? instead of hunting-down? I crack myself up!) some end tables and a mirror for above the mantle. We also are going to be doing something a little different with the hardware for hanging curtains.

Can't wait to give you final pictures.

What do you think so far???

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