Saturday, March 19, 2011

Getting ready for baby - Sewing Edition

So, despite the fact that we have chosen not to find out if we are having a boy or girl,
I have given in to doing some sewing for the new one anyway.
I mean, just in case we get a girl... she's going to need something cute to come home in, right?
So, I threw together this flouncy little dress:

I'm thinking a long sleeve white onsie under it, and some cute pink leggings or something.

Then I made a couple sets of burp cloths with some cloth diapers. Most of the burp cloths I have were completely destroyed by my first two children. So I tossed them and made some more.

I did try and make these gender-neutral. But I still have some cloth diapers and very girly flannel and very boyish flannel for when our little one arrives, and I'll make a few more. =)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Fever

I'm not sure that "Spring Fever" is exactly what happened to us.
But the whole family has just gotten over a coughing, oozing, snotty, gross sickness.
And this dreary spring half rain-half snow weather isn't helping.
I have, however, been productive!
I finished quilting this baby quilt:
Feathers going one way, whimsy hearts the other way.Now I just have to put the binding on. It just so happens, that our local quilt shop had a
25% off of everything for 1 hour sale. On the day I was suppose to stay home and clean.
But my husband told me to go, and off I went. Did I get the fabric I needed for the binding?!
Of course not! I got some cute children's carpenter fabric to make "shop aprons" for my little guys. And some cute Thimbleberries fabric that I want to make a skirt out of. (I know, cute and Thimbleberries really don't go together, but it's true! And I got it for $4.99/yd!)

Anyways, I've also been makeing some more tags for my etsy shop.
These ones would be great for kids birthday party invite or thank you notes.
Aren't they cute?!

Last night, I couldn't keep my littlest guy happy, so I enticed him with a sewing project.
I don't sew clothes. (Other than the one style of skirt I can make.) But I heard, you could
Trace a pair of kids pants and sew some new ones up fast. And, it was true.
Two new jammie pants for the boys! (Please ignore the mess on the floor in the background of the pictures.)
The last thing is, this lady wanted one of those cool baby carriers that hold the baby snuggly to you. But I was resistant to pay $50 for one, when I realized they were just a long piece of knit fabric that came with "wrapping" instructions. So I scoured JoAnn's clearance racks, found a lovely grey spandex-knit, and made a carrier. Of course, little Benny wanted one too. So he got one:

That's a wrap for whats been going on here!
What have you been up to?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A long time coming...

6" squares. Some with shirt pockets.
Not to me.
See, this actually goes back a couple years.
My cousin, Beth Ann Kushner, died on Flight 3407. (Yeah, I know, we have the same name.)
It was tragic. Terrible. And her mom asked if I'd make a quilt out of her clothes.
Of coarse.
But it wasn't a good time for her. She wasn't ready to let go of Beth's clothes just yet.
Not long after that, my Great Uncle Bill, Beth's grandfather, found he had cancer. Again.
So about a year after Beth died, so did Uncle Bill.
And then Uncle Bill's sister, Babe, also died.
And I wasn't sure just how much more my Great Aunt Colleen could handle. Her granddaughter, her husband, her sister in law.
My Aunt Colleen is a favorite. See, I didn't really have grandparents, she was as close as I got.
And she loves my kids. And they love her.
And she asked: Will you make me a quilt out of Uncle Bill's shirts?
Of coarse.
And she handed the shirts over. And I put them in the closet... Just til I wrapped up a few other projects.
And then we got a phone call. Aunt Colleen has cancer. My wonderful Irish Aunt. So I whipped those shirts out, and cut into them, ready to get that quilt done.
And now I've got a deadline: March 17th. She goes in for surgery on St.Patty's day. So ironic.
I cut the shirts, and prayed, and wept, and begged God, please, not her. Not the closest thing to a grandma I've ever had. Not the one that my children cry for all. the. way. home. when we leave her house. Just a few more years...
I weep. And pray. And piece together this quilt she has asked me for.
And I ask my God, my Healer, my Comfort... please, just a little more time.
I'm not ready for her not to be here.