Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A long time coming...

6" squares. Some with shirt pockets.
Not to me.
See, this actually goes back a couple years.
My cousin, Beth Ann Kushner, died on Flight 3407. (Yeah, I know, we have the same name.)
It was tragic. Terrible. And her mom asked if I'd make a quilt out of her clothes.
Of coarse.
But it wasn't a good time for her. She wasn't ready to let go of Beth's clothes just yet.
Not long after that, my Great Uncle Bill, Beth's grandfather, found he had cancer. Again.
So about a year after Beth died, so did Uncle Bill.
And then Uncle Bill's sister, Babe, also died.
And I wasn't sure just how much more my Great Aunt Colleen could handle. Her granddaughter, her husband, her sister in law.
My Aunt Colleen is a favorite. See, I didn't really have grandparents, she was as close as I got.
And she loves my kids. And they love her.
And she asked: Will you make me a quilt out of Uncle Bill's shirts?
Of coarse.
And she handed the shirts over. And I put them in the closet... Just til I wrapped up a few other projects.
And then we got a phone call. Aunt Colleen has cancer. My wonderful Irish Aunt. So I whipped those shirts out, and cut into them, ready to get that quilt done.
And now I've got a deadline: March 17th. She goes in for surgery on St.Patty's day. So ironic.
I cut the shirts, and prayed, and wept, and begged God, please, not her. Not the closest thing to a grandma I've ever had. Not the one that my children cry for all. the. way. home. when we leave her house. Just a few more years...
I weep. And pray. And piece together this quilt she has asked me for.
And I ask my God, my Healer, my Comfort... please, just a little more time.
I'm not ready for her not to be here.

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