Thursday, April 14, 2011

Coffe, Soap Box, and a Blanket

Well, good morning all! Did you know Godiva makes coffee? Yes, indeed. And becuase of this, you can pretend you are in a coffee house. Pretend that you are not trying to pour your own coffee around a phone, to-do list, and someone's plastic saw. You can just sip coffee... I'll pause here and allow you to go refill your cup... Go ahead... this post will delete itself in 5 min, so you don't have that long... Okay, just kidding... Anyhow... Here is where we will insert the "soap box" part of this post. And I'm starting to think that perhaps it's less of a soap box and more of a question. Right now, as I am, as they say, great with child, I seem to be developing some severe questions. Questions about our food. You see, my husband and I are starting to do more from the land we live on. Plant our vegetables, freeze our own food stuffs, and buy local. We are tantalizing the idea of getting some honey bees. Now... the more we look into doing these things, the more we hear why we should do this. Like: Grocery store honey has up to half hi-fructose corn syrup and it's not labled... pea production in the area is down becuase its cheaper to buy peas from China... ammonia in your ground beef products... I mean, seriously? But... how far does one take this? I'm sure there is enough info out there to keep me locked in my house never leaving. Can one go overboard caring about food? So far that one cannot care about say... the people that have no food? And if you care about food, surely you must be overly concerned about the enviroment... and surely you'll start buying organic clothing... and I just feel like if you do one thing... everything snowballs. Does this make sense? How does one choose the important things and sort out all of the information over load? We are going to be much more conscious about what we eat. That being said, I'm still having hotdogs this summer. I'll still grab the occasional soda filled with artificial this and that. Is it ok to care "most of the time"? I cannot care about everything all of the time. I'd have no time left to wipe my kids noses! I do not have the energy for it. Where does one draw the line? So that's it. That's my current dillemma. And if you survived that rant, here is the afgan that I have finished. I crocheted it, then I ran strips of batik fabric through it. I love the way it turned out. I seem to be on a green yarn kick. I'd say the last four or five projects I've done with yarn have green in them. Anyways, this little guy will be posted in my etsy shop soon. Hoping you have a wonderful day!

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