Saturday, May 28, 2011

Baby Havilah

Where does one begin?
Well, this is Havilah Grace. She is perfect. Her birth was perfect! I got my wish, I didn't have to fight with the doctors about getting induced, she did finally come on her own and before the doctors had me arrested and brought in for and induction. (Okay, that wasn't really what was going to happen, but I'm pretty sure they were thinking about it. They definately thought I was nuts for deciding *on my own* whether I wanted to be induced or not.)

The hospital and staff we accomodating to my husband and I. The anesthesiologist who gave me my epidural is currently on my "All Time Favorite People" list.
My boys love her sooo much. Although, this one below has stated several times that he really wanted a baby named Chance. But I'm pretty sure he wouldn't be any happier than he is right now!

I didn't have any of the complications that I had with my first two deliveries. (This only makes me more certain that those complications were caused from the pitocin I received for hours on end...)

Some personal thoughts and feelings:

I love how this baby girl has made me feel. I don't know if I felt this way with the boys and have since forgotten, or that I didn't feel it at all... but I am so in awe of my God,the giver of life. That He has blessed me so immensely. I hope I don't loose this sense of awe.

And of nursing, I love that in this fast paced, go-go-go world, nursing still naturally slows us down. Now, I didn't always appreciate this. Especially with the birth of my first son, when I went from working full time and going out all the time - to being at home with an infant. The time it took to nurse made me frustrated... it interrupted everything! Now I treasure it. I use that time more wisely, to talk to my baby, to pray, to relax. It's good.

So, my world has slowed once more. And my boys are getting used to it. Learning to be more patient with everything. Learning to be more gentle. I am learning all over again. Trying to take it easy. I do get frustrated looking at things that need to get done that I didn't get accomplished or won't be able to do for a while. But still, I am so thrilled about how well my labor and delivery went. About how I am feeling so good so much faster than with the recovery from my other deliveries.

SMS Winner

And the winner of my giveaway was number 12. Generated by Mr.! So, Living in LaLa Land, you will be hearing from me soon!

Thankyou for everyone who participated, even though my give away wasn't listed til Tuesday. Thanks to Sew Mama Sew for understanding!

Look for my next post as to why things are sooo slow around here!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Giveaway Day

Hello there SMS readers! How many giveaways have you entered so far???
Mine is easy! Just leave a comment. One comment per person please! =) We all like to play fair.
My giveaway is this:

My "Grab and go pouch." This is the second one I have made, and I love them. They are perfect for just a wallet and car keys and an afternoon snack. Or a small book and a journal and head to the park. (Or, in my case, a diaper and small pack of wipes...)
It's coming filled with some goodies!

(You can untie the straps which are nice and long, and it will fit nicely cross-body.)
Packed with some fabric, ribbon, and an awesome button. And I'll probably throw some more stuff in there too. So it's really nice 'n full!

Now, if you are still with me, and didn't jump right to the comments, I have a favor to ask.

A non-profit group I volunteer with is having a fundraiser. If you sew, and have extra items made up, and really don't know what to do with them... will you consider donating them to us? We pay shipping on all donations, and your donation is tax deductible. If you'd like more info, or would like to donate, just say so in your comment and I will contact you after the give-away ends! Thank you so much fellow sew-ers and bloggers! =)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My New Favorite

Etsy. Good ol' Etsy. If you haven't been over there spending your money... well please go ahead and do so. So I don't feel all alone.
See, you go to and right there on the front page, every time you visit, are collections of random things you can buy.

Like candy.
Like glorious, odd flavors of candy - just wave them in front of the pregnant woman's face.
Honeydew melon and coconut?! Seriously?
One should explore that shop and see what else they make...
And after a week of ho-humming about shipping and other things, I purchased.
And I should have bought more at once (makes shipping more reasonable...)
But finally, my pretty package arrived in the mail:

Darling little hard candies. So pretty. So yummy.
So I hid them, from my children. Because, well, they can't tell the difference between these and your hard candy from the bulk section in the grocery.
Right now they are residing in my "go to hospital bag."
And Fusion Sweets sent me samples of the caramels and gourmet marshmallows they make too.
Soooo yummy.
I see myself buying more this week... perhaps even today...

Anyways... anybody out there a fan of Sew Mama Sew? Hop on over to and go to their blog. Give-away day is coming up on Monday! And I will be among the *HUNDREDS* of giveaways listed. So... free up your Monday morning to enter all the give aways, and hop back here to see what I've got brewing!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Our Living Room

Before we begin: I am terrible at taking "before" pictures. I am usually 90% done with something when I think: Gee, I should have snapped photo. So, I am going to try and help you visualize my "before" living room.

Imagine: 80's cream wallpaper plastered with wierd pink and blue tiny tulips. Everywhere. So odd. Two tiny little lights on the ceiling. My living room "cut in half" by a couch so we could have a "toy area." Random photos on the walls with no real direction... random "cute" objects here and there...

And then one night my husband finally said it: We have been here three years, and still haven't touched this room, and it looks rediculous.
Yup. It did.
So here is the results of our little renovation:

Gotta love a quickly snapped crooked photo. But, anyways, here is the completed fireplace mantle that my husband built out of salvaged wood trim. Our Willow Tree statue collection on top of it. The painting on the wall we found at a favorite store of ours: Lantz's Bulk Foods in Warsaw, NY. Then I crocheted a small rug for infront of our faux heater =) You know, for a puppy to snuggle on... except we don't have a puppy either!
Here's the two windows that face the front of the house. We purchased 2 new light/fans online, and love what they do for the room.

A little closer look and you can see my husband made some cute shelves out of rough cut wood that still had bark on it. If you look towards the top of the photos, you'll see we took a different approach to hanging the curtains. We hung them from the ceiling with chain, and we also used chain as curtain tie-backs. We thought for weeks about how to do something "different" with the curtains, and I think we nailed it!

Then, just a quick snap shot of (half) of the couch. We love our couch. Comfy, soft, didn't want to replace it. But spent the last 2 years searching for a slip cover for it. The original maker of the couch sells slip covers that fit it, however, we didn't want to pay $600 for a slip cover! A slip cover folks! That's insane! I finally found one, and though it's not perfect, it matches, it's soft and most importantly with children: It's machine washable.

I found the little foot stool at an antique store in Boston, NY for $25. I thought it was a great deal. Painted it with matching paint from the fireplace mantle and re-covered the foam seat. I used fabric from my LQS, and also recovered the couch pillows.

I honestly have to say I wish I took before pictures of the livingroom, it's a crazy amazing difference!

Spring is Here!

Spring is definately here. We may hit the 70's this week NY! Yeah!
Still waiting for our spring baby to arrive, but I am getting alot done during this waiting time.

Here's a look at some boy-ish gift tags I got made up just recently. Still need to throw some ties onto them and they'll be all set!

I also managed to finish this quilt top that's been in the works for a while. I slowly made up a bunch of those four piece squares with a whole bunch of pink fabrics from my stash. I threw in some Kona Muslin white and this is what I got. Now just to purchase some kona muslin for the back and some batting!

I am trying to beef up my home-made stock, and looking to do a few craft shows this summer. I'd like to finish up some quilts, hand bags, gift tags, and other things and have a great variety. Then to get my husband to help me build a cool looking booth that would be easy for me to put up and take down...

And how about we say hello to my new favorite fabric! Saw this sweet panel at my LQS and walked away... that's right... didn't buy it. It was only about a week later that I drove back to the store and picked it up 'cause I couldn't get my mind off it! Love it! Love the potential! Right now, I just have a few squares cut out and layered. I'm hand quilting around the pattern and plan on doing some neat bags with them. I'm also thinking they'd make an awesome apron pocket... I am secretly planning on going and grabbing at least 2 more panels of this stuff (6 different star patterns on each panel) and making a quilt.

I'm not sure what it is that grabs me about this fabric, but I'm in love, and may be for a long time.

So that's it.

I have done some projects, and our living room is finally complete!

Another post on that soon!