Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My New Favorite

Etsy. Good ol' Etsy. If you haven't been over there spending your money... well please go ahead and do so. So I don't feel all alone.
See, you go to and right there on the front page, every time you visit, are collections of random things you can buy.

Like candy.
Like glorious, odd flavors of candy - just wave them in front of the pregnant woman's face.
Honeydew melon and coconut?! Seriously?
One should explore that shop and see what else they make...
And after a week of ho-humming about shipping and other things, I purchased.
And I should have bought more at once (makes shipping more reasonable...)
But finally, my pretty package arrived in the mail:

Darling little hard candies. So pretty. So yummy.
So I hid them, from my children. Because, well, they can't tell the difference between these and your hard candy from the bulk section in the grocery.
Right now they are residing in my "go to hospital bag."
And Fusion Sweets sent me samples of the caramels and gourmet marshmallows they make too.
Soooo yummy.
I see myself buying more this week... perhaps even today...

Anyways... anybody out there a fan of Sew Mama Sew? Hop on over to and go to their blog. Give-away day is coming up on Monday! And I will be among the *HUNDREDS* of giveaways listed. So... free up your Monday morning to enter all the give aways, and hop back here to see what I've got brewing!

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