Saturday, May 7, 2011

Our Living Room

Before we begin: I am terrible at taking "before" pictures. I am usually 90% done with something when I think: Gee, I should have snapped photo. So, I am going to try and help you visualize my "before" living room.

Imagine: 80's cream wallpaper plastered with wierd pink and blue tiny tulips. Everywhere. So odd. Two tiny little lights on the ceiling. My living room "cut in half" by a couch so we could have a "toy area." Random photos on the walls with no real direction... random "cute" objects here and there...

And then one night my husband finally said it: We have been here three years, and still haven't touched this room, and it looks rediculous.
Yup. It did.
So here is the results of our little renovation:

Gotta love a quickly snapped crooked photo. But, anyways, here is the completed fireplace mantle that my husband built out of salvaged wood trim. Our Willow Tree statue collection on top of it. The painting on the wall we found at a favorite store of ours: Lantz's Bulk Foods in Warsaw, NY. Then I crocheted a small rug for infront of our faux heater =) You know, for a puppy to snuggle on... except we don't have a puppy either!
Here's the two windows that face the front of the house. We purchased 2 new light/fans online, and love what they do for the room.

A little closer look and you can see my husband made some cute shelves out of rough cut wood that still had bark on it. If you look towards the top of the photos, you'll see we took a different approach to hanging the curtains. We hung them from the ceiling with chain, and we also used chain as curtain tie-backs. We thought for weeks about how to do something "different" with the curtains, and I think we nailed it!

Then, just a quick snap shot of (half) of the couch. We love our couch. Comfy, soft, didn't want to replace it. But spent the last 2 years searching for a slip cover for it. The original maker of the couch sells slip covers that fit it, however, we didn't want to pay $600 for a slip cover! A slip cover folks! That's insane! I finally found one, and though it's not perfect, it matches, it's soft and most importantly with children: It's machine washable.

I found the little foot stool at an antique store in Boston, NY for $25. I thought it was a great deal. Painted it with matching paint from the fireplace mantle and re-covered the foam seat. I used fabric from my LQS, and also recovered the couch pillows.

I honestly have to say I wish I took before pictures of the livingroom, it's a crazy amazing difference!

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