Friday, June 24, 2011

So Sad No Camera and an Etsy Sale!

My camera died. Did I mention that before? I think I have.
So these two little guys are the ones I have been eyeing up online.
(Pictures curtesy of
This first one is the Samsung TL240 listed new on Amazon for around $220

And this little gal is the Olympus SP 800 Uz. Listed on Amazon new for $295

Now, here is the question my friends: Which one would you advise me to get? Or do you know of a better one in this price range?

See, I've never bought a digital camera before and it's kinda like me ordering food from a French Menu, I have nooooo idea what anything is. I read reviews... these both have great reviews. That's about all I got...

So somebody come to my rescue!

Also in other news... as you can see from the side of this blog, I gave up my 21 day challenge (I think it ran it into 21 months!) Anyhow, I replaced it with a little ticker from my etsy store. And in honor of my birthday being this month, everything in my Etsy shop can be purchased at 15% off. Just use this coupon in checkout: June2011 I will leave that coupon active until the end of July. So happy shopping!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Theory

So the theory is...

Items sell better on Etsy if there is a baby in the picture.
What do you think? I think my little rug looks much cuter with the baby on it. (Although she does look a tad uncomfortable in this particular picture, I'll have to retake it.)

That's just me though.

Speaking of pictures, my camera officially died. It's been on its way out. Randomly deleting pictures - like the first time my husband held baby Havilah, and other pictures I'd like to have kept. And now, it's just not taking pictures correctly... they are all dark and yucky... anyways...

Not up for buying a DSLR, any good point and shoots out there?? Advice appreciated!

Okay, I promise, I will come up with some new projects.

And stop doing baby posts.

Well, at least my next post won't be about the baby.