Friday, June 24, 2011

So Sad No Camera and an Etsy Sale!

My camera died. Did I mention that before? I think I have.
So these two little guys are the ones I have been eyeing up online.
(Pictures curtesy of
This first one is the Samsung TL240 listed new on Amazon for around $220

And this little gal is the Olympus SP 800 Uz. Listed on Amazon new for $295

Now, here is the question my friends: Which one would you advise me to get? Or do you know of a better one in this price range?

See, I've never bought a digital camera before and it's kinda like me ordering food from a French Menu, I have nooooo idea what anything is. I read reviews... these both have great reviews. That's about all I got...

So somebody come to my rescue!

Also in other news... as you can see from the side of this blog, I gave up my 21 day challenge (I think it ran it into 21 months!) Anyhow, I replaced it with a little ticker from my etsy store. And in honor of my birthday being this month, everything in my Etsy shop can be purchased at 15% off. Just use this coupon in checkout: June2011 I will leave that coupon active until the end of July. So happy shopping!

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