Monday, July 11, 2011

Random Thoughts

1.) I ordered my new camera today. Can't wait to get back to taking pictures!

2.) I've been thinking deep thoughts about our (Americans) demand for cheap goods, and God's orders to give to the workers a fair wage. It makes me wonder - Do I keep buying cheap items like plastic juice pitchers from big stores, or purchase a lovely expensive hand made one from a small shop or etsy store and choose to value it more. A plastic pitcher my children can drop, shove, and kick, but could I not manage to keep something lovely safe and valued??

3.) I bought some soap on etsy for my husband. He's a fan of sandalwood. I went to purchase some sandalwood oil to scent my own soap with and found it highly expensive. If you're bored sometime, google sandalwood and read up on why that is. Kinda interesting - In the 'late night, need to sleep, not sure why i'm still online' kinda way.

4.) I have to make cookies tomorrow. And its rediculously hot out.

5.) I keep forgetting to do important things: Like call our insurance and ask some questions, call the dmv, and order baby pictures of Havilah that we had taken a over a month ago!

6.) I'm setting up at a street vendor sale at the end of the month and I'm busy putting items together for that.

7.) I'm contemplating wall art for my living room and sewing room.

What are you guys up to??

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