Monday, July 18, 2011

Troubled Soul

It's been a little crazy around here lately.
A little too much change to quickly.
A little too much heat - in a literal sense and in an internal sense.
Of coarse, baby is only 8 wks old, so we are still getting used to that new little dynamic in our family. And our foster son of almost 2 years went to live with his mother There has been an upset at my husbands work, which ended up in a promotion for him, but has caused worry and trouble in almost every way from his work, to our home, to our friendships. All this in a 2 month period, and I'm having trouble figuring out how I feel from one moment to the next.
It's been hotter than the dickens here in NY too, and I think the heat may be making me cranky =( The grass is all dying because there has been no rain this month.
It's just not pretty outside. Weeds seem to thrive in this weather, my plants not so much.
We had tons of honey bees all over our yard today going after the clover flowers Both my little boys got stung, so we then locked ourselves inside and let the bees take over.
But there are cheery things going on too.
I'm getting my new camera this week.
My husband went out and bought me a 4-piece yellow vintage suitcase set. I LOVE IT. He's too sweet.
And we got a vintage bamboo lawn furniture set for the lawn.
Perhaps vintage is growing on me.
That's probably due to reading this blog: Oh hello friend!
And this other blog over here, has been a source of cheer as well.
Hope all is well, my blogging friends. And I'll have some pictures for you soon.
BTW - what do you all do to get out of a slump???

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