Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dilly Beans

We made dilly beans the other day. Sooooo yummy. If you have never had a dilly bean, think a spicey dill pickle that's a bean instead of a cucumber. Got it? Yum. Moving on...
Dill. You need nice big yellow dill flowers. See picture:

(Not pictured: Garlic, sugar, vinegar, ground red pepper.)

Warning: You may get sick of stuffing beans into jars. Re: Picture:

But, recruit lots, and lots,
And lots of children:
And just rotate them as weariness sinks in.

Once jars are filled with beans, add a garlic clove, a dill flower, a sprinkle of ground red pepper, and fill with vinegar/sugar/salt mixture.
Cap and get ready to process.
Process for 10min in boiling water.

Let cool, make sure all tops have sealed properly.

And Voila!!! Dilly beans. Chill in fridge before enjoying!

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