Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fun With Words

Danny (to his sandwich): I'm going to rip your big butt off.
Me: ?! We don't talk like that in my house.
Ben: I will say big butt outside. Not inside. Not nice inside. Only outside.
Danny (To me): Okay mom.
Danny (to his sandwich): I like your big butt.
Me: ?! We don't say "big butt" at all in this house.
Danny (to me): Oh, that's what you mean.
Me: I'm glad we've had this conversation.
Danny (to his sandwich): I'm going to rip off your big crust!
Me: ?!

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Computer = Relax

The boys are down back on the property with their dad. ('Cause he is awesome.) And the baby just fell asleep. So my mental list went to work: Laundry upstairs, laundry downstairs, laundry on the couch, magazines need sorted + tossed, floors need picked up - vacuumed - swept. Dinner needs to be made. Not bought. Made.

Not gunna lie, I started getting a wee bit overwhelmed. Where do I start? What's most important? And you know where I started?
Here online. I read some uplifting blogs. Some things to make me know: You are not loosing your mind! You can do this.

I took a few minutes to really relax. It'll get done. I have the energy and time (kinda) to do it. Deep breath.

Also, I've decided: I need to organize this house (you've heard that before?) I have a plan though. Starting tomorrow - my Tuesdays, my day off, I am staying home. And my kids are leaving with the babysitter. Not going outside (they only come back in to bother me.) Actually leaving. And I am cleaning - organizing - finishing -ridding - completing - perhaps relaxing. And saving money. 'Cause I'm not out shopping. Which means on Thursday - I will have to take the kids shopping with me while I'm out. Still working on a solution for this. Perhaps my husband and I will revert to grocery dates like we used to do. We do have a good time shopping together. (And I tend to be more frugal and less extravagant with him around!)

Thems the plans.

(Photos are of a special order quilt I just recently completed.)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Ramblings

It is rather cool this morning. Thankfully my computer is in close proximity to our electric fireplace. My husband asked me if I wanted him to turn on the furnace this morning. [It is 62 degrees in our house, in winter I like a balmy 72.] But ya know that smell... that "just turned on the furnace for the first time this season" smell? I didn't want that while our little pre-school buddy was over doing pre-school with us. [Yes, I'd rather freeze the poor little thing...] Don't get all crazy, I moved the little school table in front of the fireplace too!
This morning I got my coffee and turned the computer on... figuring I'd finish the cup while the computer booted up and found the internet. It is that slow. We did though, decide that with some Christmas money, we'd get ourselves a new one. Anyways, I sat down, got baby comfy on my lap, took a sip of coffee and realized I hadn't put enough cream in it. Don't you hate that? It's little stuff like that... makes me crazy. Or family genes. I don't really know.
Did any see the new show "Up all night"? My hubby thought it was going to be awful. But he laughed harder than I did.
Oh, and I totally had a dream last night that my daughter started talking at 8 months old. Talking talking. Just want it on the record incase it really happens.
I have some awesome stuff to show you soon... pictures of what I bring home from auctions if I am left at them unsupervised... a cute fall quilt... awesome Christmas wreath... it's gunna be good folks!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Good Wednesday Morning

I don't think I've hidden from you the fact that I am a big fan of coffee. I'd look up a post [that I think I did] with a picture of my favorite, giant coffee mug, but I'm a wee bit lazy this morning. Anyways, that awesome coffee cup is no more. *Insert moment of silence*

As I opened my cupboard this morning to choose a cup from which to drink my coffee, it occured to me: I don't want a set of all the same coffee cups. I like all different ones. Some mornings I like to drink out of a nice tall dark mug [like the one that is no more], other mornings I like something prettier, or vintage. Or whatever. So, I bring you: this post of awesome coffee cups listed on Etsy. Beware: Searching coffee cups on Etsy is dangerous. I could have bought at least 10 without even going more than 2 pages into my search. *Yikes*

Mug w/Coffee

Vintage Dunkin Donuts

Vintage Blue Flower

Hand Made Pottery

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cooking Good Food

Ah yes, good food. It's hard in July when it's 87 degrees to cook a hot meal. But with Fall blowing in, a nice warm meal is what's needed.
So I cracked open a jar of my home made pasta sauce. (Recipe from my husband's Italian family.) And threw a handful of shredded ramano cheese in it.
Fried up some grass fed beef from my aunt's Scottish Highlander cattle farm.
Boiled some noodles and...

Oh yeah! Garnish with some more shredded cheese on top. Delish!
Side dish: Guacamole and chips. (Don't judge! This isn't your house! I'd eat quacamole with every meal if I had an avacado tree in my back yard!)

Any ways, I always like to sprinkle some crushed red peppers on my pasta. Give it a little kick.

And for dessert:
Peach bread, sliced warm and topped with Mascarpone cheese.
I love cooking and baking in cooler weather. Who's with me??

Monday, September 5, 2011

Playing with Picnik

I was enjoying myself the other night, sorting through some photos my photographer friend took of Havilah and I.

And went onto Picnik and played around with their photo editing.

It was entirely too much fun.

I actually have no idea how I got the color change in this next one, but I like it:

Added a verse to this one:

And I am watching them to arrive in my mailbox any day now since I uploaded and ordered them from Shutterfly. I don't know who created shutterfly, but thank you for saving me from the long lines and anti-helpful staff at wal-mart's photo center. One less thing I need to go to walmart for. (Can I get an Amen?!)

Friday, September 2, 2011

Vintage Lovelies

Earlier this summer, as I was off on another errand,
I passed these lovelies at a garage sale. Stacked up in a similar fashion:

I was headed somewhere though, (In a rush, I'm sure) and so I didn't stop.
I did mention to my husband a few days later though:
"Hun, I saw these yellow suitcases. A set of them! They were awesome. And you know, if we travel, no one could mistake them at the airport... just not what you see nowadays."

Well, my sweet darling husband filed that information away. And about two weeks later, he was driving along, and happened passed a garage sale. With a lovely stack of suitcases. The.Same.Ones. What?! How is it that someone didn't already nab them?!
But he got the whole set for me. And he haggled on the price (not his style, but I'm working on him. I'm proud of him for getting a screaming deal.) Check this out: $35 for the whole shebang!

He had the boys bring them into the house and show me. And they have all the keys for the locks too. (I totally would have stored such a gift away for Christmas or something, but he didn't. Cause he's awesome.)

So there they are. Now, where can I fly so that I can use them? =)

One more thing:
How cute is my little leprechaun?