Monday, September 26, 2011

The Computer = Relax

The boys are down back on the property with their dad. ('Cause he is awesome.) And the baby just fell asleep. So my mental list went to work: Laundry upstairs, laundry downstairs, laundry on the couch, magazines need sorted + tossed, floors need picked up - vacuumed - swept. Dinner needs to be made. Not bought. Made.

Not gunna lie, I started getting a wee bit overwhelmed. Where do I start? What's most important? And you know where I started?
Here online. I read some uplifting blogs. Some things to make me know: You are not loosing your mind! You can do this.

I took a few minutes to really relax. It'll get done. I have the energy and time (kinda) to do it. Deep breath.

Also, I've decided: I need to organize this house (you've heard that before?) I have a plan though. Starting tomorrow - my Tuesdays, my day off, I am staying home. And my kids are leaving with the babysitter. Not going outside (they only come back in to bother me.) Actually leaving. And I am cleaning - organizing - finishing -ridding - completing - perhaps relaxing. And saving money. 'Cause I'm not out shopping. Which means on Thursday - I will have to take the kids shopping with me while I'm out. Still working on a solution for this. Perhaps my husband and I will revert to grocery dates like we used to do. We do have a good time shopping together. (And I tend to be more frugal and less extravagant with him around!)

Thems the plans.

(Photos are of a special order quilt I just recently completed.)

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