Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cooking Good Food

Ah yes, good food. It's hard in July when it's 87 degrees to cook a hot meal. But with Fall blowing in, a nice warm meal is what's needed.
So I cracked open a jar of my home made pasta sauce. (Recipe from my husband's Italian family.) And threw a handful of shredded ramano cheese in it.
Fried up some grass fed beef from my aunt's Scottish Highlander cattle farm.
Boiled some noodles and...

Oh yeah! Garnish with some more shredded cheese on top. Delish!
Side dish: Guacamole and chips. (Don't judge! This isn't your house! I'd eat quacamole with every meal if I had an avacado tree in my back yard!)

Any ways, I always like to sprinkle some crushed red peppers on my pasta. Give it a little kick.

And for dessert:
Peach bread, sliced warm and topped with Mascarpone cheese.
I love cooking and baking in cooler weather. Who's with me??

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